About Me

This blog really started as a way for me to keep track of my kids landmarks.  Who got the first tooth, who said what when.  Things that I knew I would never remember due to mommy brain mixed with having multiples mixed with lack of sleep.  I had been doing a little bit of posting prior to that over on MySpace but it was mostly a bunch of showing off for friends.  Those posts are now here and you can read a couple of them here, here and here. Don't you just wanna hang out and be besties with me now?

It took a couple of years before I figured out that this was also a great forum for me to detail the recipe development I was doing for our now kid filled gluten free mostly sugar free house. Then another year to realize that people were actually reading it.....this dummy is not wise to the ways of the internets.

So with no real drive and little ambition I have managed to become a food writer and actually 'do' this for a real job......*snark*

photo credit to my 4 year son Gabriel
It has now developed into a tale of learning to homestead in the big city, attempting to raise a family in a clean and nutritious way, trying be a great mom, a good wife, a helpful friend and contributing world citizen and how to quickly recover from the epic failures of all the above.
This is my Life as a Mama, Gluten Free Recipe Developer, Food Writer and Wife.  Please join me on this journey but I warn you, I write because no one wants to see my interpretive dance.

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