Monday, 17 June 2013

#RealMamaLife June's Chaos

Am I delusional?

I must be delusional to think I can do all the stuff that I sign up for.  I am delusional to think that someone can keep sane with this many balls in the air.  Let's face it, I have truly, irrevocably, ambitiously, insanely, signed on for a REAL #RealMamaLife and lost all the marbles to my Hungry Hungry Hippos along the way.

Why do I think I can 'do it all'?

Good question......

June and September seem to be the hardest months of the year.  The beginnings and endings of the school year comes with huge transitions - not just the school transitions for the kids but a huge endless list of 'To dos' that start and stop in June and September and could be called "My Fiscal Year" - although it has little to nothing to do with finances. Spring and Fall bring with them
  • Canning Season - In the spring, all the jams, jellys and chutneys for the year.  In the fall, the canning of tomatoes, ketchup making and pickling of vegetables.
  • Spring Cleaning - I know it would be smart of just keep the place clean all year round but if you live in an area that gets 4 complete seasons like I do, you too would be amazed by how filthy the place looks when the new brighter sun of spring shows up.  Even just the windows!!
  • Wardrobe Change - The swap out of season appropriate clothes - this is a whole different undertaking for parents of growing kids. For the adults in this house it means using different drawers in our dressers that stock the lighter wear.  For the growing beasties it means packing up the out grown last season stuff for donation/sale/give to friends, putting aside and packing away the stuff that might still fit next year, dragging out the stuff from last year that you thought might fit this year, sorting through it to find that very little of it does fit, dragging out the stuff you have purchased too big (usually because it was too good a deal to pass up) over the last couple of years, sorting through all of it and then filling in the blanks with a couple of shopping trips.
  • The beginning and year end of two major volunteer positions.  Chairing the Parent Council at the twins school and the work I do with TPOMBA (Toronto Parents of Multiple Births Asso) all fall within the school year and take some work to get rolling in the fall and then put to bed in the spring.
  • The Gardens - cleaning up the 3 garden plots I work in. Our back yard, the school's garden and a city plot all need to be clean up and planted in the spring and then harvested and put to bed in the fall.
  • June and September have hang overs - Any spring programs the kids are enrolled in either through the city, private or school, run until the end of June. Any summer programs they are enrolled in start in June.  There are usually a couple of weeks of everything......meaning that there is some extra-curricular activity everyday and some days there are two.
  • Birthday Parties - I am a summer baby (Aug 26) and I hated that most of my friends were away on holiday during my birthday.  I don't know if parents have just wised up to this disappointment or if my mom just never thought of it but now parents of July born babies are having birthday parties in June and August babies in September.  So now not only are we insanely busy these months but eating huge quantities of party food...oy vay!!
  • School Events - In June it is the end of school celebrations, parties, play days and field trips.  In September it is club sign up, set up and new routines.
And none of this includes day to day, the laundry, the blogging, the cooking and recipe development, the being a Mom, a wife, a friend....or some one who bathes with some regularity.

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