Monday, 27 May 2013

Real Mama Life = Humiliation

In the on-going struggle to reclaim my health after years of illness with an auto-immune disease I am now subject to this kind of humiliation....apparently best served by the deft hands of my children.

My doctor has sent me for 'stool testing' (bare with me, it gets worse) to be collected at home (thank god) and sent FED EX to a lab just outside Chicago IL (Yes America I am shipping you a box of shit and it ain't for political reasons) Yesterday I prepared the label for the box while waiting for FED EX to pick it up.  It had to be addressed to a 'Dr. Poonam' (I'm not kidding)

When the nice FED EX guy arrived for pick up, the kids ran to the door as I answered it.  We all said our pleasant greetings, he scanned the bar code on the box and looked to make sure I had included the correct 'customs' paperwork.  As he looked, Gabe cackled and announced loudly "It's a box of Mommy's POOP!!" and then laughed like a maniac.

Real Mama Life is right...........

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Selena said...

What, no picture? (Only slight cackle.)