Friday, 15 February 2013

Make your own Baby Bum Spray

My kids are now 5 1/4 years old now.  They are learning to read and write.  They are going to be in grade one in the fall.  So why write about baby stuff?  Well I have had a few email questions about what I did when it came to diapering my kids.  So I thought I would answer some of them

What kind of diapers did you use?
We cloth diapered.   We had around 30 of the 'One Size'  Fuzzy Bunz in rotation.  I had their washable hanging diaper bag and a big pile of cloth wipes like these ones (I don't think I had the actual Fuzzi Bunz brand) I loved these diapers and they made cloth diapering really easy.

Did you or do you use disposable baby wipes?
I made my own wipe solution when I was changing diapers regularly.  We would have a pack of all natural wipes in the diaper bag depending on where we were going. Now that everyone is potty trained I have a box of natural wipes on the back of the toilet in case they need them.

What is your homemade wipe solution recipe?
I am so glad you asked!!  I came up with this solution after reading the ingredients on various similar products.....very expensive similar products and decided to just start making it myself.  Here is what you need

Baby Bum Spray

A 100ml spray bottle

In the bottle combine:
3 drops tea tree essential oil (natural anti-bacterial)
8 drops of an essential oil of your choice. (These are all calming oils and make it smell wonderful)
  • Sweet Orange
  • Lavender True
  • Geranium
1 1/2 tsp Calendula Oil or Calendula infused oil (super healer and moisturizer)
2 tsp Witch Hazel (reduces skin irritation and a natural preservative)
2 tbsp Aloe Vera Juice (healer)

Top up sprayer with spring water.

Shake lightly before every use.  I would spray it straight on the wipes.  We only had one kid (Gabe) with a diaper rash once

**I would make larger batches of this and refrigerate it until I needed it.

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