Saturday, 29 December 2012

Now What?

I didn't mean to go AWOL for so long.  I haven't meant to be social media missing for so many weeks and I am sorry.

Life has a wonderful way of throwing you curve balls. I guess tons of behind the scenes work and suffering from a terrible case of 'Mommy burn out' wasn't enough.  I needed to throw in Christmas (with travel), a sinus infection and the diagnoses of now adding 'dairy free' to my life (and blog) banner.

This has left me reeling. I can easily go without gluten and I have almost completely cut out refined sugar from our diets (this goes to hell a bit over the holidays) and I don't feel deprived or even frustrated. Going gluten free felt like a challenge. Inspiring me to learn more about food. But a diet of no dairy or wheat (or anything with gluten) doesn't feel like a challenge to me.......this feels......lame?....mean?....overwhelming?...all of the above.....and it sucks!!

I need to regroup, figure out what this means to my life, my writing, my blog, my kitchen, and my family.  I need to read Paleo and SCD cookbooks.....I need to find a way to be inspired.  I need to stop being mad. I need to get over this sinus infection. I need to do 10 loads of laundry. I need to figure out where all the new Christmas toys go when we clean up.

I promise to take you all on this journey (not the laundry doing part).  I know I am not alone and there are others who have many many more food restrictions but right now I need mourn cheese and yogurt and figure out how to do this so please excuse my lack of recipes for a little while.

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Anonymous said...

hey there, it has been ages since i've checked in on your blog. i just thought i would tell you that I have been on a wheat and dairy free diet for almost 2 years now. i am not nearly as creative as you are in the kitchen, but i am looking forward to checking in on your recipes as you post them. i basically have us on a very boring meal rotation and am looking forward to getting re-inspired. anyway - HI! :) that's all really. well, and I miss yogurt. ;)

arissa xx