Thursday, 22 November 2012

Radio Silence

I need to apologize in advance.  There is going to be 'radio silence' here for a little while while I work behind the scenes.

As few of you know, this blog started innocently as a record for my kids.... a record of their childhood. ....hence the name of the blog Life: A other words, I was paying attention to their lives for them.  It wasn't that these kids, my kids, are any more important than anyone else's but that I knew my memory for their landmarks was going to be crap.  It is hard enough to remember first words when you have one on the go....but two!!?....forget it.  It is all happening too fast and if you haven't had a good night sleep in years.........

Anyway I point here is that in the last few months I have decided to make an honest push for this sight.  My kids will be in full time school in the fall 2013 and I would like to be 'working' for this site by then.  Yes I do other things, teach seminars on cooking and preparing real foods, develop recipes, write for other sites and publications, and now apparently small scale catering but they all link back to this it has to get it's shit together.

First I need to learn what SEO means......and then work on that.....I am only half kidding.  I know what it means but have very little concept of what it means to me and my site and how to 'work it'.  The way my brain works means that I have to have a pretty good grasp of how something works before I can use it.  I need to be able to 'teach it' before I feel confident to use it. So I have been tryin' to learn the ways of the internets.  Here's the rub, the kids are in school for 2 1/2 hours a day and I have been spending the entire time writing recipes/posts and taking the dam pictures.  Learning about RRS feeds and keyword search tools takes my whole brain, focused in one direction with my eyes open....and truth be told, there is nothing about this subject that makes it easy for me to keep my eyes open.  Twice I have woken up in a pool of drool, head on my desk.

So here it is.  I will try to make this quick and as painless as possible -  I am not redesigning the whole web site but I have to 'get on the ball' even if it is a very small ball to start

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