Monday, 19 November 2012


I am knitting's my winter sport.

For about 6 months of the year I knit. I am a good knitter, not a great knitter but I have gotten good enough to be able to design a few patterns of my own.  I have made tons of hats and booties for my own kids but for some reason I always make baby blankets for pregnant friends

I think I do it because it is meditative, rewarding and by giving it away, I can show off a in other words I do it for mostly shallow insecure reasons.

A is for Alex
Babies need a special blanket all their own. And for certain special little people I go ahead and make it.  Whether their parents want me to or not.

When I found out that a dear friend of mine from childhood was expecting I got started on the blanket even before the invite to the baby shower arrived. They found out the sex and had a name all picked out before he was born so I was able to incorporate his initial right into the design of the blanket. It is hard to make out in this picture but there is a textured 'A' in the center square.

for my niece

Then when a very close friend of mine found out she was unexpectedly pregnant I wanted to ensure her excitement and down play any fear and unpreparedness she might be feeling.  She found out she was having a girl so I went girl crazy and over-cuted all her gifts. This blanket is off-white with pale pink and raised textured hearts with a cable stitch separating the rows.

If I don't have time to make a blanket I will at least make a hat.  Like I said I am not fantastic but I can hold my own.  I like doing it so much that I decided to start a Stitch'n Bitch with some of the moms from the twins school. Unfortunately even though I planned the whole thing I ended up missing the first meeting.  SO tonight instead of knitting with friends I am at home blogging about knitting.

I am currently working on some fingerless gloves?.....tippless mitts?  I'll post a picture when I'm done.

On to the knitting!!

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