Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sweets from the Earth

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of being invited to join the Food Bloggers table at The Gluten Free Expo - Toronto.  I got the invite from Jax at Gluten Free Ontario which was a surprise and flattering.  And Oh Boy am I glad that I went!!  Not only is Jax super nice (she did lose her voice early in the day so maybe I just couldn't hear how she really felt about me) but I got to meet tons of 'my community' (yes I am totally doing gang signs and posing all gangsta like)

One HUGE bonus is the free stuff I got sent home with! I was sent home with a huge bag of breads, flours, chocolates, baked goods, baking mixes and snacks.  All gluten free and mostly delicious. One of the really nice swag givers was Sweets from the Earth who offered me a couple of different loaves of bread including this one

The Harvest White Baguette
I have tried many of the gluten free bread options on the market here and in the US.  Most of them are lousy, some are ok, and very very few are good.  Gluten free bread will never be like regular 'glutened' bread and maybe we just need to stop trying to make them compare.  Every once and a while you stumble across a brand that is so good it stands alone.  That is true of this white baguette from Sweet from the Earth. No it isn't just like a french baguette but it has all the attributes that make a baguette good.  It is chewy with a nice crunchy crust.  And no I never feel deprived....not when I can eat like this....

I cut the baguette in half and toasted it well, smothered it with salted ricotta, a smear of the home made pesto, tomatoes from the garden, salt and pepper and a drizzle of good olive oil.

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