Saturday, 21 July 2012

French Kitchen Presents

One of the nice things about this past holiday - and there were only a few - was seeing my parents after a long stretch in-between visits because of their 5 week tour through France and parts of England (life is rough eh?).  We usually see my mom once a month or at least by 6 weeks.  This was the longest stretch we have gone since the twins were born and we all missed our Grammy and Papa.

My mom (Grammy) has always been one for 'prezzies'.  No matter what she is doing she is always picking up little things for people. Every time we see her she has a little stash of gifts and her European vacation was no different.

I have always poo-pooed most kitchen gadgets as the tools of the unskilled.  It always seemed to me that the less someone knows how to handle themselves in the kitchen the more 'tools' they seem to think they need to get anything done. ie. An egg slicer or garlic press instead of a sharp knife...poo poo I say...poo poo!

Now mom got me a couple of gadgets....and only because they are 'French' I will forgive the silliness of them....I may even use them a couple of times

These are super scissors.  They have 5 'scissors' or sets of blades.  They are for snipping herby things.  They also come with their very own matching nit comb....for extracting chive nits and such.

This is an egg shaped egg timer....but not a typical egg shaped egg timer like the one I was using for timing 'turn taking' with the kids that eventually stopped working due to too intense toddler wind up.  This funny little device gets put in the water with your boiling eggs and indicates the 'doneness' of the egg by turning green.  Is my egg 'a la coque', 'mollet' or 'dur'?  Now I will finally know.....

She also got me some classy salt.  I love classy salt and this is prolly my favourite prezzie of them all.  It is pretty and sparkles in the sun and it's.......pretty....

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