Friday, 27 July 2012

57 Momths

Dear Twinnies

Not a good month, not a great tell the story better than I could

It started out great with an easy fun drive down to our house in North Carolina 

Everyone traveled so well.  I had packed lots of snacks, we had the car DVD player hooked up and 3/4 of the way through day one I let you guys start using the regular across the shoulder seat belt instead of the 5 point harness.  You guys have been big enough for this for a long time but for safety reason I kept you in long.  What made this so uncomfortable for you guys was that you are both pretty tall for your age making the height of the shoulder straps low.  This meant the straps were not only hold you to the chair but also pulling you down into the seat.  I got the idea when Bea complained that her bum hurt.....and I am not surprised.  You guys loved the freedom of the 'new seltbelts'.  Now you could turn and look out the back of the car, re-adjust how you were sitting on your bum and reach forward to grab book or games out of the back of the seat pocket.  With you guys so happy we decided to make as much time as possible stopping only a couple of hours from the house.  We were also forced to do this by huge areas of Virginia being in complete black out.  A huge storm had rolled through the area a couple of days before our departure date.  What hotels were open were jammed full of locals while many were closed with no power. Thank goodness you guys were traveling so well!!

We arrived before lunch the next day, giving us a full day more of holiday!  The next morning I got to sleep in.  Big Daddy had taken you guys out in the woods behind the house and my mom had made sure everyone was fed.  It was beautiful hot weather and we had almost 3 weeks to enjoy it.

Two days later we were in the local emergency room with 'some of the worst poison ivy' the doctors had ever seen.  Big Daddy was put on heavy steroids.  He was having such an intense allergic reaction (he is really allergic to poison ivy) that I knew this was the time for emergency medicine.  This picture was taken at the only got worse over the next week

His legs and feet swelled up so badly that he couldn't walk.  He spent the next week of our much anticipated holiday stuck in bed.  I tried to keep you guys occupied but our family holiday only went down hill.  It started to rain, everyday.

In the end we decided to leave early. Big Daddy wanted to heal at home and I knew I would have a better time keeping you guys busy at home. We waited for Big Daddy's legs to heal enough for him to be comfortable to drive home.
A grumpy fairy, the day after our return

10 days of healing before we could drive home

We did a lot of swimming but not until Gabe's delayed poison ivy outbreak cleared up.  It didn't come up until after we got home, more than 2 weeks after your initial exposure.  We are still completely confused by this.  The obvious conclusion is that you got a secondary exposure for clothing or from Gertie but why would you have such a terrible reaction to a secondary exposure but no reaction from the initial walk in the woods?
All over your face
And on your legs

It was not a good month......I hope it wasn't as awful for you

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