Wednesday, 27 June 2012

56 Momths

Dear Beebs and Chooch,

This was one of those crazy months when there was something planned for every second of every day.  Every weekend was a birthday party, event or some other form of crazy.  One of our busiest weekends Daddy was away for one of his annual Boyz Weekend.

It started with Daddy's annual weekend away with the boys which unfortunately coincided with the neightbourhood yard sale which I wanted to participate in.Thank goodness for all the wonderful neighbourhood moms.  We set up our front yard with Elizabeth's mom Christine and Noah, Amelia, and Ezra's mom Leigh.  You guys played inside with Elizabeth's dad supervising while us mama sold some stuff.  We actually didn't do very well but the effort was fun and I love what can be accomplished when Mamas set their minds to it.

Bea got a hold of my phone that day and took a ton of pictures.  A couple of them turned out.


This month some great things were said

While crossing a busy street in front of a stopped city bus Gabe - "Bah I smell bus breath"

While adjusting the waist banned of Gabe's pants he informed me that I wasn't allowed to 'get silly with his bum like always'

I made the horrible, terrible parenting mistake of sending Gabe to school in a shirt that you said you 'hates and is disgusting" (a new word for you that you clearly don't know the meaning of) You decided you hated the shirt half way to school even though you dressed yourself and had amble opportunity to comment while we were still at home. THANK GOD for the wonderful office staff that had some 'spirit wear' on hand for a quick change. We returned to your class to tell Miss Dover "My mom got it all wong, dis is da sherwit dat I havt to wayer today, maybe she will member next time" Geez Gabes....

One weekend was Jordon's birthday at Playground Paradise and another weekend was Charlotte's birthday at their house.  We had Father's day weekend celebrated with a huge picnic with the whole Gramma and Grampa crew. Another weekend we were invited to a friends housewarming where you guys were on your best behavour and charmed all the other grown ups. And one day Oliver came over to play after school, then report card and schools out for summer.

Caught stealing cake at the housewarming

It was a crazy month and mostly a fun one.  The weather was warm but not hot and we had holidays to look forward to and hours of outdoor play.

As always, I love you more everyday

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