Friday, 18 May 2012

Why Should I be Taken Seriously?

My Grandfather ("Papa", one of the smartest people I have ever known) used to say that the really smart people are the ones that know they don't know everything and see how much there still is to learn....they recognize that there are life times worth of learning. A 'smart person' approaches life and other people with a 'what can I learn from this' attitude not a 'what can I teach/tell you' mind set.

I try to live by this but today I struggle.  Today I am trying to write a seminar/talk on food preservatives (to teach people) and all I can see is how much I don't know.  How much my school'n education and my personal interest/passion education are not really connected.  How I am now being asked to give talks based on my personal interest/passions not what I have a academic education in - it is insecurity in the making!!.  I have no credentials to back up what I am talking about and imagine someone in the audience blowing a raspberry or booing while I am mid-sentence.

I know that I know more than the average bear on this subject but it doesn't mean that the 'smart person' part of me doesn't recognize how much there still is to learn. When you are being asked to 'teach' on a subject, how do you weigh that against still being a student of it.  How can I ask to be taken seriously if I am not sure I take me seriously?


Leslie said...

with fear a trembling! I teach child development seminars and I still feel this way. I didn't seek out to teach this, I was asked too and I do not feel qualified! But somehow, people seem to love it and they say that they learn a lot. It still blows my mind. One thing, though, I really think it does take teaching a subject to really start to get a handle on it. The teaching may benefit you moe than the students. That is definitely the case for me. I have benefited more more from teaching than anyone.

Ajax said...

Jump in the deep end. You'll figure it out as you go along.

Amy Watson said...

Yep, I learned more from teaching than I ever learned in a classroom. It was always about just being one step ahead of them, and your Papa, my Unkle Lloyd would be PROUD. He must have started telling us this when we were very young. That quality is endearing and people love that about others. I am fascinated by most things and love to learn. Suddenly, though, at some point, you realize you are the Papa of the situation.