Tuesday, 8 May 2012

lern'n new stuffs

I had the great honour of a 'schoolin in takin food fotos' last weekend.  I do know and occasionally recognize what is missing and needed here in Life: A Study Land and the quality of photos was/is glaringly bad.  I can come up with many many excuses - one being I have 4 year old twins, another being that many of the photos I take are taken within seconds of it being put on the table....so messing with lighting and props is a little out of the question.......that being said....I suck...really... because she can do it  - Beatrice at La Tartine Gourmande and Shawna at Gluten Free Girl (who freakishly both have girls named Lu) and a million others.....so really as my photo and food stylist teacher pointed out...I am fat and lazy......(he didn't say the fat part)

So here is where we are going with this.....

To this.......


to this...

I have been doing a bit of experimenting since and I am still learning the ropes of how I will be doing this at home but maybe you can come on this crazy journey with me

Here is one of my first shots....now this isn't for a recipe post because who doesn't know how to fry an egg or two or make homefries??....and if you don't, I invite you over so I can give you kisses and all the failings of your terrible parents......  this was more so I could play with my camera, play with the lighting and then with my new photo editrix (editors are stinky boys) program

It's not perfect but it is a start and I am sure I know a couple of people who will have comment on it - Bob and Christopher


Christopher said...


I never once called you lazy, you Ol' Bag o' Bones.

The side by sides are funny,
and your eggs are sunny.

Robert Maxwell said...

...just get some pea shoots on there, and you're good!