Sunday, 27 May 2012

55 Momths

Dear Beatrice and Gabe

This month wasn't just busy it has been insane.  I like to be busy but this the kind of busy where even the fun things seem like too much.  I kept searching the calendar looking for a day with nothing planned but couldn't find one.

The month started out with a bang with a huge surprise 40th birthday party for Big Daddy.  You guys weren't there and were home with a sitter but it is worth mentioning because it took up much of my time and brains for weeks.  Not only did I have to hide it from Daddy but I had to hide it from you guys too.  Remember the baby blanket for Meaghan?  That secret last about 30 seconds after her arrival. Well we couldn't repeat that

And I think we surprised him

I won't do a day by day replay because that would bore all of us but here are some highlights

We finally got organized and got all the plants for the garden.  It is really satisfying to me to have the garden in.  While Daddy and I dug and weeded and got dirty Bea noticed that our strawberry plants were covered in tiny strawberries. You came running around the corner to tell us.  We spoke briefly about how cool it was and how if we give them a little more time we will have some strawberries to eat.  But for now, don't touch them.  About 15 minutes later I knew you were up to no good.  You had been quiet for too long.  I found you ripping all the little strawberries off and throwing them over the fence.....

Bea, you love lady bugs and have killed several hugging them to death

Bea, you drew an amazing picture of me

Bea you asked if we could watch Tim took a little while but we figured out you wanted to watch Horton Hears a Who

Me to Bea - "how did you get such pretty eyes" (they are REALLY blue) Bea - "I went to painting eyeball world"

I had a nice Mothers day.

The three of you played chef and made me a nice breakfast

Over dinner last night Gabe started to daydream with a big grin on his face. Me - "What are you thinking about Gabe?" Gabe "How I like bums and how funny they are".

And you started soccer.  A Thursday night game every week all summer.  You guys seem to have fun, especially with some of the props

Your first game I had a strange experience. I was sitting on the grass beside the field. Behind me on lawn chairs was a mom (lets call her bitch face) and (I think) the Gramma. With them was another mom who brought snacks for one of the teams (we take turns). Beside me on the grass were Bitch Face's 3 girls, her son (on the black shirt team) was playing. I not sure which kid belonged to the snack bringer. After the first 'shift', snack bringer laid out the snacks and yelled to the kids coming off the field "There are snacks here everyone!!" Gabe (on the red team) and 3 of the black team players ran over and started to eat. Bitch Face immediately told the Snack Bringer that a 'red team player' was eating the snacks (I only became aware at this point that the snacks were for the black team only) Then she began to talk loudly (for me to hear) to Gramma "I would NEVER let one of MY kids do that.......I can't believe the nerve.......THAT is EVERYTHING that is wrong in the world....." etc etc. The more she talked the more I let Gabe eat. She then got up and put the lids back on the tupperware and told Gabe "The buffet is closed". Gabe, a little upset came over and sat on my lap. "Why she say I can't have snacks". Me loudly enough for her to hear "Because her Mommy never taught her any manners or how to share. She is being rude and when it is our turn to bring snacks we will be nice and share with both teams". I am pretty used to bumping heads with other parents but I found this a difficult situation to deal with.  If she had been polite I would've made Gabe stop eating the snacks but the fact that she was so rude made me want to do nothing, that and I couldn't believe that she was doing in front of her other kids.  It put me in the position of really needing to deal with it properly so that all the kids involved saw that there was a much classier way.  That and I really didn't want your feeling to get hurt Gabe.  Hopefully the rest of the games this season are easier.

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