Monday, 30 April 2012

The Business of Blogging

I am going into business.....for myself.  The business of blogging.  It seems so strange after all the school'n I have had, the subjects I have studied, that this is what sticks.

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting a whole lot lately.  This will change soon.  I am currently working behind the scenes-  a new domain, some technical difficulties and some food photography schoolin'.....getting closer to a brand new me....well not me but here.

This venture, this goal, needed support from Big Daddy and so The Talk happened.  You know The Talk? Where we discuss our goals.  I say 'our' because nothing is a just me venture when you're married with kids.  As serious as I have wanted to be about getting this space up and rolling regularly, time has been really limited.  See, there is one compromise I am never willing to make.  My dedication to healthy real foods and parenting is not just something to write about but how I live.  So if being here and writing about it means that I won't have the time to practise what I preach than you won't see me here.

So a conversation was had because although those are my standards, my husband and I aren't bookends, thank god!, so of course he has his own list of values/standards that must be met.  So how can we make sure that it is all happening, for everyone? A question for all ages and something that all families struggle with......right?

Our lives and schedules have made it so what writing I did get done was late at night.  There just wasn't time until after the kids went to bed and the house was 'prepared' for the next day.  This meant that I had a whole 'other' work day once everyone else had stopped.  Truth is, the stress of it all was making it not fun and why do it if you're not having fun?

But you know.....The Talk was a reminder of what a great guy I am married to.  At first he was a little resistant but once I made it clear that all I was asking for was some adult/grown up using her brain for an uninterrupted stretch of time and not criticising him for the fact that he hadn't been giving me any of this time in the past (why do guys do that?), he was pretty open to hearing what I needed/wanted.

So soon I will have a couple of hours carved out of our insane day that I can call my own....for me and my tiny brain to make up words and think of food and find the part of me that has been all but lost under the Mummy. Huzzah I say Huzzah!!

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