Friday, 27 April 2012

54 Momths and 4 1/2 years

Dear Bedo and Gabes,

Another busy month!!

We had Unka Terry play guitar and sing at the school one afternoon.  We went and had a crafty afternoon with Elizabeth and her family.  We also had a surprise weekend visit from cousin Amy who had a business trip up this way and an afternoon at Fantasy Fair with Isabelle and Juliet.  Bea had a special dance party and the Easter Bunny came. We know how to party and have fun in this house!!!

And as always you guys are hilarious...

Bea, you sing a all the time...tonight in bed "I can fly so high, I can fly so high in the sky....soooooo hhiiiigh. I like to singggggg, I really like to sing. I really like to sing all daaayyyy.....ALLL DAAAAYYYYY. I really like to sing but I don't like yooooouuuuuuu"

Bea climbed into bed with me, buried her head in my armpit, took a deep breath, sighed happily and said "Mmmmm you smell like Mummy"

Bea you like to help clean, especially vacuum. There was urgent yelling for help at one point and we lost most of a roll of toilet paper as it spun wildly getting sucked into the vacuum. Admittedly we lost most of it while I was laughing at watching you trying to stop the stream.
He insists on dressing himself and swears he likes them like this

Gabe "When someone dies they don't eat ice cream anymore.....they have to eat breakfast all day long forever"

I recorded 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' for them. When I put it on you watched it quietly for about 5 minutes until you got upset and started to cry. "Gabe whats wrong"? in tears "But where are the MEATBALLS"??

Off to crafting - time to get serious

My lunch date

Loves to ride the bus

Keepin the ride clean

Blueberry muffin face

Bea's dance party showcase

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