Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mummy almost reporting for duty

I have been sick.  The kind of dumb sick that you just can't seem to rid your self of.  It started as a minor head cold and moved into double full fledged bacterial pink eye with a sore throat (something that bordered on feeling like strep).  A couple of days in (and with me, Big Daddy and the kids already starting the game of 'pass the pink eye') I started using antibiotic eye drops....something I hate doing.

The reason I hate doing this? Because even the package when you buy the drops says that most pink eye (they give a stat well into the 90s), bacterial or viral, clears up within a week without the drops so it always seems wasteful of an antibiotic exposure.  Let me be clear about something - I am not ANTI antibiotics but I think they are painfully over used,,,,yes that attitude is a trendy talking point and doctors are trying to dial back on the prescriptions but I am even stricter in my thinking than that......even the times that doctors think is the time to prescribe I tend to hold back.  Have you ever read How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn? I highly recommend it.  It is terribly interesting to me how many things we are told are deathly dangerous diseases/illness/infections that in fact are NOT. ie. strep throat - A chapter he calls "The Mythical Menace of Strep".  So to resort to antibiotics for pink eye!! Well I was so sick I was grasping at straws!! I am already allergic to penicillin from over-exposure.  I developed this in my late teens after years of safely being able take penicillin based antibiotics - I had a terrible run of chronic strep (If you read that chapter on strep in the Mendelsohn book he touches on how taking antibiotics for strep can lead to repetitive cases) and sinus infections while in high school. The penchant for this is genetic.....you catch my drift. 

So two days later and NO improvement (probably sicker) I get a moment of clarity in my delusional sick crazy and drag out my infrequently used Colloidal Silver.  I don't have a long history of using this stuff and only learned about it about a year ago.  I picked some up when we were in the US last summer and have been slowly learning as much as I can about it.  Like all alternative therapies there is endless propaganda on both sides of the fence as to the safety and efficiency of using it. From fear mongering of Argyria to the FDA suppression campaign**.  The fact is that Colloidal Silver is as of yet fairly unstudied.  What we do know about it is from human use for centuries before the advent of penicillin...with lots of success

What I find very strange about the concerns for using colloidal silver is that even Wikipedia (which is the link I have given above) lists the many safe historical uses of silver as a disinfectant and the current uses (in the treatment of MRSA and to keep catheters and endotracheal breathing tubes clean) but then says
"Silver is also promoted within alternative medicine in the form of colloidal silver, although it has not been proven to be safe or effective."
But you just listed safe and effective ways that it is being used for exactly the same ways 'alternative medicine' is promoting to use it?? ie. as eye drops for new borns to kill any bacteria that has gotten in the eye during child birth-----now being used for pink eye/conjuctivitis

Anyway I will let you do your own reading on the subject.

After 5 days of the worst pink eye I have ever had, eyes completely glued shut every morning, very red, so swollen there was heavy bruising around the eye and difficulty seeing, the discharge causing a terrible burning rash around the eye, I used the colloidal silver 3 times over 12 hours, 2 drops per eye of 15ppm million solution and it was GONE!!! I put a teaspoon of it in my neti pot 3 times in a 24 hour span - green snot turns back to clear, 2 drops in my very sore obviously clogged ear - next morning pretty much gone.

And now almost two weeks from when I first got sick I am almost back in the pink....but not pink eye.  Oh boy do I ever have a lot of catching up to do!!

**Recently, the FDA (funded by Big Pharma) has been stepping up their suppression campaign against colloidal silver because colloidal silver works so well for such an enormous range of infective conditions.  Colloidal silver had been in common use before the FDA was even created in 1938. Under the Grandfather clause of its charter, anything on the market prior to the FDA could not be banned or controlled by the FDA. The FDA, did a TWELVE YEAR STUDY of colloidal silver and buried the report. They couldn't find anything wrong with it.

This not the brand I have

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