Tuesday, 27 March 2012

53 Momths

Dear Mister Todge and Beanie Weanie,

This was actually a pretty lame month.  I got sick....sick in a way I haven't been sick like in my whole life.  Big Daddy had to take days off work because I couldn't even get out of bed.  All I could do was sleep.  I thought I was almost better when it all came back worse than it had started and we were too busy to stop.

We did start the month with a fun dance at the school.  It was the 'Crazy Hair Dance'.  Daddy was away on a business trip so Caley came with us.  Gabe didn't want to have 'crazy hair' but Bea did so we did your hair in a bunch of pony tails all over your head only to arrive at the dance to find your two bestie friends, Elizabeth and Gemma with the exact same hair dos.

You guys went crazy dancing around in the gym DJ'ed by one of the teachers.  It was TONS of fun.  We danced under the disco ball to silly top 40 while you guys ran around with your glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces.  I loved it because it was so much fun for all of us and because I 'won' the two things I bid on at the silent auction fund raiser.  One of which was a blender!!  Smoothies here we come!!  I was sad that Daddy missed it.

I heavily 'booked' us during the week Daddy was gone.  Everyday a different playdate.  This was for my own sanity and to keep you guys busy.  I like all the moms attached with the kids you have befriended at school so much that I wanted to have some social time with them too. You guys had a blast.....and I got sick.

Daddy came home from his business trip, Grammy and Papa arrived, march break started,  Daddy got sick and right after Papa and Grammy left I got sick before he had a chance to completely get better.  The rest of the month was me trying to survive a crazy busy schedule with a fever and feeling like death. You two both got really minor versions of what Daddy and I got.  I some how even managed to do 15 hours of work on the TPOMBA spring sale in 2 days.

But no matter what - funny things happened
This says 'Do not Break'. Gabe wrote it about his train tracks

Gabe telling me the plot of the movie UP. "Mr. Fuckwason's (Fredrickson) house flies cause he put lots and lots of balloons on it and he is by himself and then he is with the small mailman (he is a cub scout) and then they fly in CHARLES MUNTZ's blimp with all the fuzzy wuzzy lovely cute doggies"
Detailing the bike for the nicer weather

After about 20 questions in a row
"Woah Gabe! You have so many questions"
"Yes I have lots of questions, my heart is full of questions"
Gabe talking to a classmates dad "do you work wif my Daddy?" "no I dont" "oh so you work at Costco"

Bea stayed home sick with me one day ...we snuggled up watching Strawberry Shortcake and eating toast together.....

As always, I love you more all the time

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