Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lying about their age

My kids have been lying to me the last couple of weeks.  Pretending that they have grown out of naps.  Insisting that we had met the age limit, the stage, the maaah-churrr-ity to not need them anymore.


We may have reached an age that naps are not needed everyday but oh boy! has the last couple of days shown me that even at 4 1/4 they are no where close to being napless!!  With the absence of naps we upped bedtime to 7 from 8 thinking this might even the scale....well it did for a couple of days longer and then everything starting going to hell.

Temper tantrums like I have never seen before.  Melt downs of epic proportions. Pitching themselves to the floor in loud protest.  Legs kicking, arms pounding.  Everything tinged with tragedy. Things are 'broken forever" or Daddy is "never coming home, he is gone forever"

Gabe even had a melt down at school about sharing a dump truck....really I can't blame him....that dump truck is really really cool..... It is embarrassing to be pulled aside during 'pick up' by a teacher to have a little 'chat' about yer kids attitude.  I could feel the other parents watching and listening and pretending they weren't watching or listening.....just like I do when it is someone else's kid!

Today was easily the worst.  They both refused to leave the school yard.  Bea hung by the gate screaming and threw her backpack and mittens at me.  Gabe lay in the wood chips at the bottom of the slide crying and yelling 'no'.  The weather was cold and windy and I had wet hair from the shower I had taken while they were in school (the only time I can get an uninterrupted shower) and even though I had a hat on I cold feel the cold wind blow up under my hat and across my scalp......and it was right then and there, freezing, holding two back pack & two pairs of mitts, wind tears running down my face, as the wind ripped Bea's painted paper Chinese New Years lantern out of my hand, that I came to the conclusion......I really need to start breakfast drinking more......and maybe memorize that book "Go the Fuck to Sleep"