Sunday, 5 February 2012

Egg Carton Trucks

My kids are at a wonderful age for silly crafts....did I tell you about Gabe's glittery turd Christmas decoration?...It made my heart explode with parental pride and happiness and reminded me of the million reasons I went through IVF. Why I wanted kids in the first place...why I did the multiple injections a day....what I thought I could be missing out on, denied if I didn't have kids.....all the reasons to be brave....because I wanted glittery turd Christmas decorations more than any one has ever wanted a glittery turd Christmas decorations.  And the best part?  This is probably just the first year of it....I have many years to look forward to hand-made silliness.....le sigh

I am trying to BE the source, the silly craft 'dealer' I love it so much.  Today we made Dump Trucks (one of Gabe's favourite things) out of old egg cartons. Here's what you need and how you do it

1 cardboard egg carton, 8 or 12cup

  1. Cut off the top/lid of the egg carton.  The cut off about one-third of the top part.  This will be the truck box
  2. Next cut off the first two egg cup from the bottom of the carton.  You should now have two pieces, one with two cup and another with 10 cups.  Cut the 10 cup into a 6 cup
  3. Cut off the lips of the two cups and glue them up-side down to the six cup.  This creates the 'cab'
  4. Now glue the 'box' of the truck on the back of the base.
  5. Decorate the truck using the markers. (which we haven't done yet)
ps. Be warned that younger kids don't have much patience for this to dry so it might help to plan to 'build' it before lunch and decorate they have a plan around the wait.

These are officially super cute.  Bea got creative when we ran out of enough egg carton so hers has a different front.  Next egg carton we are going to try a transport truck



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