Monday, 27 February 2012

52 Momths

Dear Bea and Gabe,

Here we are another month later. And although I don't have the monthly major landmarks that happen when you are little, every month new fantastic crazy things are happening.  From your ability to express yourself to making crazy connections between things.  Often connections I haven't thought of in a long time or ever before.  One thing is becoming more and more clear as you two get're funny....I mean like killer witty funny. This month was no different than any other as far as amazing me.

One tough decision was made this month   Gabe I don't know if I ever mentioned anything about your stuttering class....sorry 'disfluency class'.  You started it in October just before your birthdays.  It was you and 2 other students in the class (both a bit older) with the speech therapist, once a week. The first week you didn't mind...she had lots of 'new' toys in the classroom but she got frustrated that you weren't that interested in the organized activity that she was trying to promote, some craft and you have never been much for crafts.  Week two didn't fair much better but this time it was obvious that you were tired.  Both of you had gone right back into daily napping once school started and the class was right as you would've been going down for that.  At one point you put you head down on the table she was doing a game on.  You weren't really participating and it just didn't feel like the class was going to be successful.  The third week you didn't want anything to do with it.  You cried as we traveled to the class. I couldn't blame you, it was all too much - starting school, the exhaustion and now another class.  I spoke to the therapist after the end of that class and we decided to put the whole thing off for a while.  The sessions are 3 months long and we could always get you rolling in them again in a few months.  There was no harm in waiting a little while.  She said to call in the new year.

Well now that we have some time under our belts and we seem to have completely grown out naps it feels like our little family might just be able to handle another weekly event.  I called and spoke to the therapist.  She gave us the option of starting up again with the start of the new school year or changing to a different clinic and taking classes over the summer. Big Daddy and I discussed this at length.  We had been to the other clinic and although it is good it doesn't have the fun 'day care' for Bea so I would be juggling Bea and making sure I was present for your class (parents need to be there).  It would start this summer. We would have to wait until September for the other clinic.  We were concerned that waiting too long would make this a harder thing for you to train yourself out of but after a long talk with the therapist we decided to wait. Starting over the summer with our holidays and plans for camping trips.... it just felt too complicated.  To be honest it feels like your stuttering issues are getting better all the time.  You do still have something that resembles a New Jersey accent which although it is very cute.....might not bode well as an adult..

One major landmark for the month - your first report cards.....well 'progress reports' really but it was fun to see how teachers think you are doing.  Bea you got great 'marks'.  You took to school with no real issues. With Miss V saying you are a "polite, social and inquisitive student", "Shows respect for adults and other classmates while showing empathy towards others".  You are learning to write your own name and copy letters.  You follow all the rules at school (something you don't do at home) It is obvious that you enjoy it....unfortunately you also enjoy the attention you get with injuries so there seem to be many of these.  The days are too frequent that I pick you up from school and you have a small zip lock baggy with an ice cube in it and I hear about your time in the office with Joanne.
Shaving with Daddy
Gabe my sweet boy....all your frustrations, all your troubles all stem from you having a hard time communicating.  You want desperately to hang out with the older boys and they more often than not just don't have time to wait until you have finished your thought.  It breaks my heart watching you struggling. Your teacher Miss Dover is obviously smitten with you but your communication challenges are challenging for her too - trying to give you the time you need with 19 other students in the class. Any of her concerns developmentally expressed in your report card were resolved in the parent/teacher meeting when we could sit down with you one on one.  All in all you are both doing really well.
Shaving with Daddy

We went to Ottawa for Winterlude and along the way we stopped at a restaurant to eat.  When I took Gabe to the bathroom he saw the sign and noted that it only has one leg "her name must be Terry Fox too"

Then Bea ordered a 'girled cheese samwich' so Gabe orders a 'boy cheese samwich'

Gabe got tired
Daddy, Gabe, Bea, Uncle Julian and Lily

Gabe's friend Mathew was there too

Some really funny things happened this month

You guys got into dancing around in princess fairy dresses with magic wands singing Oh Cana-Duck for a few days

Gabe playing 'fi-ing house' (the movie UP) by tying a rope around Bea's doll house and swing it around yelling "Mummy watch Fuckwason's house fly" Took me a minute until I remembered that the old guys name is 'Fredrickson'

Had a strange conversation with you over lunch. It was decided that I must not be a grown up because I don't drive (I don't have my license) That Bea has a baby in her tummy name 'Curla' that will come out her 'gina and eat noodles'. Gabe also has a baby in his tummy named 'Elizabeth' and she will come out his todger and sit in a baby seat and then he will be a grown up and get to sit in the back of the car. Also did you know that dogs grow up to be kids??

Gabe searching for the pockets in his pants "Mom where are my pockets? Day were white did you take my pockets?"

Gabe when he finished his soup lunch "ok I am done souping"

Bea, the pesto making Princess
 The Chicklette telling me how she can't do big smiles today or it will scratch her teeth

take another picture Mummy!!

And like every month, I love you more every day


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