Friday, 27 January 2012

snowball + avalanche = 'the sky is falling the sky is falling'

Do you remember this post about snowballs and avalanches?? Or more to it, the fact that one can become the other.....well maybe I am a little psychic (please pronounce it  'Pah-sigh-kick) because it is exactly what happened....can of worms....le sigh

Yes the article I was interviewed for went 'live' this week and like all things parenting - everyone served up passionate feelings....and then ordered more

Here it is
Immunizations - What's all the fuss?

I was surprisingly cooled out about the whole thing.  I wasn't as bothered as everyone assumed I would be and thought I should be.  Maybe I should have gotten all fired up? Maybe I am just too busy these day.... maybe and am trying to conserve my energy.  I only finally made a comment when someone started taking personal potshots at me in their comment.....someone who must know me personally (I have an idea...ugg) all seemed so stupid and what they wrote even stupider (that's not a word...I know mom) I tried to leave the 'edge' at home.  Tried not to get nasty or rude....I mean what is ever gained from that?....and just addressed what I felt should be and clear up what I felt was missing from the piece.  The thing is that this might have all worked out for the best.  Because as a result of my comment the author emailed me inviting me to write a follow up piece better explaining the stance of those who forgo vaccines.  Considering the controversy and the passion in the comments I think it was a really classy thing to do.  I have to give her huge kudos.  Considering that she took more than a few bullets in the comments she has stepped out, rising above all of us. I love surprises...especially when people surprise me with good things.  Stay tuned for the next installment of 'The Days of our 'HUGE PARENTING EGOS'

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