Sunday, 1 January 2012

Now What? - A New Year

I have never really been one for resolutions.  I think every year I like to think I am but they are usually all forgotten by the 2nd.  I don't quit them that fast.....I don't start them that fast.

New year is just a different date to write on cheques really....what year it is is all so ambiguous ....the randomness of when 'we' started counting. In China it is year 4708,4709 or 4648 depending on which calendar you follow.

One thing I do like about New Year is the general feeling that the whole world is taking a deep breath and looking forward, planning futures....there isn't much dread involved in New Years....unless you buy into the end of the world Mayan calendar....

Resolutions I do not make...not in the classic sense but I do have plans for the future.

I would like to (and really you could check my Might Life List too) do a million things but right now, right away I would like to tackle this year with these things in mind

  1. Write more, dedicated times to do it
  2. Find and be 'hired' for more writing gigs
  3. Keep working on getting my health until control
  4. Tackle some more complex or just never thought of before recipes  ie. a friend mentioned homemade Baily's Irish Cream and I would like to do that, or making my own almond milk, homemade Vick's like Vapour Rub and laundry soap, maybe from this recipe from my friend Catherine
  5. Have a bigger and better garden this year
  6. Can MORE tomatoes - I did almost 3 bushels this past fall and there is no way we are going to make it to this years local tomato season forcing me to buy canned tomatoes
  7. Learn some more gluten free baking.  I am a pretty good GF cook but the baking aspect I haven't really touched.  I would like to start baking my own bread (and save big $$$)and always have some muffins on the go
  8. Read more - go to bed early so I have some reading time.  I have been taking a homeopathic sleep aid and I can barely make it through 3 pages of a book before I am out cold.  Although this is a HUGE improvement over 2 hours of reading before I fall asleep, I haven't been reading enough and can feel my brain drying out in my head (Cousin I am still reading your manuscript!!)
  9. Listen to music more, with and without the more
  10. Work on having more patience
  11. Focus more on the 'have' and less on what is missing, pay attention to how we are lucky/blessed and not what we need
  12. Be brave and say yes more (this is one from last new years too and it made a huge difference to my life this year)

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