Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dear Ovaries

Dear Ovaries,

Fuck you!

Other than during IVF, which I know was rough, I was there, I have been nothing but good to you -  I have spent very few years of my life on birth control, I was never a chemical drug user, and I don't eat hormone disrupting foods.

In return can you please be nicer to me.  This whole cyst game is painful and rude. I am far too busy to spend days bent over in pain and we can't afford for Big Daddy to take numerous days off work to help me with the kids and escort me (see practically carry me) to the bathroom.

In return for this I promise to respect you more, remember that you honour me with my femininity and maybe give you a well deserved holiday by getting pregnant again.

Thank you in advance

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Anonymous said...

Sheesh, the only slight discomfort we men have to deal with is getting a hard on in public while wearing track pants! Great blog btw, much love Phil....