Friday, 27 January 2012


Dear Twin A and Twin B,

51 months eh?  Almost 51 newsletters and I don't think I have expressed enough how much I feel honoured to be your mom.  You guys are really the most amazing little weirdos a mom could ever ask for.

This month was busy for me but pretty tame for you guys.  I got a 'big' writing gig and spent days working on it, we spent a night up in Barrie so I could be at a photo shoot for the new website (Feast when it launches) and it was baby shower time for Meaghan so I was knitting my fingers to the bone.

One of the big challenges was where Christmas break fell in the holidays this year.  The last day of school was the 23rd and then you didn't return to school until a week into the New Year.  For some reason this second week was absolute torture.  The weather sucked and any family fun attractions were so packed that I just couldn't bring myself to take you guys on my own (Big Daddy was working the whole time) So instead we went crazy.

On day Bea told me she wanted to 'get married'. I asked her if she knew what 'getting married' meant. She said 'no but I know that ladies get 'married' and boys get 'carried''

Gabe caught playing with my phone

I am trying to add for videos to this but it won't let me

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