Sunday, 18 December 2011

The wild seduction of FOOD

I am blessed with amazing friends.  I am surrounded by amazingly talented, funny, crazy, loving people.  People who have traits that I wish I had - so I surround myself with them in hopes that I will somehow, through osmosis, leach some of this talent from them....thats not entirely true...I don't want them to have 'less' of I am not really leaching it...but maybe like some Monsanto GMOd seed some of their 'ness' can blow over on to my willingly fertile fields and propagate.....WAIT!  This took a sexual turn I wasn't intending.....

The point is, these amazing people (Christopher, Meaghan, Dana, Darlene and Jeanette)...we all have something in common....our love of FOOD!  Our love of the beauty of a perfectly balanced meal, when sweet, salty, sour and hot all mingle perfectly.....when wine pairs make perfect marriages......when every ingredient doesn't just add it's flavour but makes the others better, just like a good friendship...another friendship over food.

This past weekend one of these friends took me out.  He does this 3-4 times a year and SPOILS me rotten.  He takes me out for the meals I am currently not in a position to afford but certainly deserve :-) and we always about food and love and our love of food.....all while enjoying too much wine.  And we laugh...a lot - laugh at our lives because we realize how lucky we are to be there eating this food and drinking wine with each others company.

I have happily embraced the word 'foodie' when describing myself.  Like all other 'foodies' we wish there was a better word to describe our obsession.  Instead of one that sounds like something we have been inflicted with and are taking the necessary medication to get over.  But like any disease, we all fall into different parts of a spectrum.  My dinner companion knows the technical, the science, the to make perfection.  While I fall into the 'meal maker' category with a dash of health and the benefits of different food combinations, which I was introduced to by Jeanette.  But mostly I sit soundly in feeding a family, meals that everyone will enjoy without the adults feeling like flavour has been compromised, no kids pushing it away and no diner being run out of your kitchen.

The thing is, the reason we are all so attracted to each other is because those of us inflicted with this disease know something the rest do not.....the joy of perfection.....we are the same people who eyes water or get excited over a perfectly executed piece of art, something painfully beautifully acted or anything done with absolute passion and focus.  We are people who will read the same book again and again because it deserves that much attention and praise. We linger over these things, enjoy them and worship the 'gods' that created them.

This perfect meal with my dear friend got me fired up.  After a year of learning Indian cooking (yes I realize I haven't posted much but I was learning so now you will see more) I am ready for the next challenge and maybe I will take you on this trip? I was sidelined temporarily by needing to go gluten free but now that I feel confident in that....just which thing is next

Pork belly?

There are so many thing to get excited about....that's one of the things I love about my never run out of things to learn and get excited is an on-going love affair where cheating is encouraged.

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