Tuesday, 27 December 2011

50 Momths

Dear Bea and Gabe.....Chicklettes, Twinnies, Littles, Loveys....

Every reason I wanted to have a baby...every reason I wanted to create a family was all about the holidays.  It was the holidays that I dreamed of when I was going through IVF.  It was the craziness of Christmas morning that I wished for.  This year, at four years old, was the first year when the excitement of Christmas....of Santa was palpable. It made the shopping for presents more fun, decorating more fun, setting it all up more fun. It made everything ...magic! And even through all the chaos I made a point to stop and take mental snap shots and some real pictures too.

We started the holiday celebrations with Uncle Spenny's Birthday.  We went down to the Danforth with Grammy and Papa.  We had a great meal and I let Gabe take a few pictures of our evening....some of which were taken from under the table.

The dessert plate
The Birthday Boy


The view from under the table

And then Christmas - you got to pick out what you wanted to wear to the Christmas eve party....Bea came down in her Halloween costume

Gabe brought home an ornament he made at school for the tree. It looks like a glittery turd and I LOVE it

And then there are the wonderful things that you said and did
Four year old out smarts his Dad

Big Daddy and Gabe singing What A Wonderful World together -
"I see skies of blue.....clouds of white
Bright blessed days" Mike on his own......"the dog says good night"
Pause..."No Daddy, it's Dark Sacred Nights!"

Gabe, you're obsessed with checking the traffic cameras on the CP24 app on my phone so you have been walking around with my phone more than me. Some how you managed to start texting. You sent a text to 'yhsspjug'......that said "Caesar dressing".

Last night Gabe crawled into bed with us just before 5. Bea has a terrible barking cough and we thought maybe she was keeping him awake until he barfed all over us.....in bed

The kids have been real interested in street signs lately, asking what they mean. Today at an advanced green left turn Bea asked "Daddy why is the light doing green green green? Why does it keep greening?"

Gabe while pushing the not plugged in vacuum around "Sorry Honeys I don't need help with the vacuuming"

Flipping around looking for a family friendly movie on a Sunday night. We stop for a few minutes on The Love Guru. Gabe sees Troy Verner and asks "Does that angry kid not have toys at home"

Thank you for making not just Christmas special but everything magic
Love Mama

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