Monday, 21 November 2011

quantity and quality

I have been going to seminars and conventions and blogging workshops and marketing thingies and one of the things that has been said over and over when it comes to blogging is 'Quality over Quantity'.

I keep this mantra going in my head as days pass that I haven't posted hoping that my readers would prefer to wait and read something with *some value* than the endless ramblings of my over active brain, huge ego, low self esteem and need for approval.  I could start writing posts about my relationships with my friends, the tv shows I watch, or the consistency of my most recent bowel movement and maybe in some land and in some circles that would be least as some voyeuristic laughable joke to watch as someone self implodes into a puddle of narcissism.  Not that I am not fully capable of being that writer, but I am not that type of blog reader and take no enjoyment in schadenfreude.  From everything I have learned, those devoid of content are short lived and I plan (hope) to be here for the long haul. So I will not be that blogger either.

*I use the term 'some' very loosely....and 'value' even more loosely

So I apologize that I am not that regular (regardless of fibre intake) but promise to not inundate you with any of my senseless self absorbed BS (I will save that for my husband)  Life is busy enough and I would prefer to spend it with my family and in my kitchen than read that so I refuse to contribute. 

That being said, I am using the excuse of QUALITY over quantity for my lack lustre performance here and hope you can appreciate my goal or at least pretend to agree with my excuse.  I hope as time passes that I will be able to 'create' quality more often but until then I won't waste your or my time.

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