Sunday, 27 November 2011

49 Momths

Dear Beatrice and Gabe

This month was full of preparations for Christmas, family house guests and the Santa Clause Parade. We are in a great school routine and you guys really love it.  We have had wonderful fall/winter weather so we have been spending a lot of time outside especially after school.

Developmentally you just are going as fast as you have in the past so I don't have beg news.  It is mostly the funny things you say or the crazy views you have on the world at large.

Gabe told me over breakfast all about how next week he is going to get his vagina so he can have babies

Gabe - "mummy remember last week when I fell in the driveway and my legs and arms didn't break into pieces? All my pieces stayed together"

A proud moment in parenting - Gabe pushing away the pasta dinner to have his third serving of salad

Gabe you and Gertie have really bonded.  The two of you cuddle up together and I often have to ask you to stop letting her kiss you.  She is officially more your dog than mine.

Why is it that you guys who have always been great sleepers and not early risers decide that 6:20 on a Sunday morning is a good time to wake up...after mummy was up until 2:30 chatting with cousin Noah?

Bea you are a terrible nose picker....I am trying to instilled the rule that you are only allowed to pick your nose if you have a tissue to put it in (Seems easier than trying to make you stop altogether). Today, tissue in hand, you started pickin. You pulled out a slightly bloody booger, and showed it me. "Look Mummy it's a blueberry booger"....You also informed me that the 'dry ones are yummy and the sticky ones are yucky'.....when I had a mouthful of oatmeal.

Today I told you that you had to be extra good kids and be extra helpful while Daddy is away. Be like 'grown ups' and pick up after themselves to which Beabea replyed "But we aren't grown ups Mummy, I don't have a fuzzy 'gina and Gabe doesn't have a fuzzy todger"

Bea after much practice you have figured out how to snap your fingers. You are very proud of yourself.

Bea'ism at the mall- "just give me your wallet mum"

Bea, you told me the horn on your unicorn named 'Horsey' is a 'Corn' and it's for holding donuts

I got a hair cut yesterday and Bea asked me if I chose to sit in the rocket ship or on the horsey 

Bea your people now have hair
How the bears fly in our house

And like every month - I can't believe how much I love you

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