Monday, 17 October 2011

Like Candy

There are very few candy products that I like.  Even as a child I would always choose chips or baked goods over candy.  And there must be something genetically wrong with me because I am not a fan of chocolate.  Not in the way that most women are.  I only started to understand the addiction when I tried really high end chocolate from Switzerland.....other than that.....meh.

It goes without saying that we don't have any candy in the house.  I do make desserts, I love baking. Usually gluten free and sugar free but full fat (healthy fats) and full on flavour.  And I make ice cream. I will get to those recipes at some point but this is about candy....healthy candy

If I liked any candy as a kid, it was grape flavoured.  And I always love love loved Welsh's Grape Juice.  My mom would buy the frozen can and I would make a pitcher of it but with 3 cans of water instead of the called for 4 cans.  I loved that slightly thick intense grape flavour.  That grape juice is made with Concord grapes.  When I found that out I asked mom to buy some concord grapes at the grocery store and I was disappointed to find out that not only do they have seeds but their skin is thick and hard to chew.  The thing is I loved the flavour so much I ate them till I had a stomach ache.

I think it was when visiting with a friend that I first tried frozen grapes.  It was a hot day and their mom pulled them out of the freezer for us to munch on.  Just red seedless grapes but they had gotten extra sweet being frozen and the texture was unbelievable.  It gave me the idea of freezing my much beloved Concords.

They are better than you can imagine.  It was like eating a grape popcicle with a slightly chewer texture. I ate gallons of them.  My fingers, lips, mouth and teeth turned purple, my stomach hurt and I don't think I had a solid poop for a week! But I loved them.  Luckily for my guts, Concord grapes are only available in the fall but I look forward to buying them every year to freeze.  This year when they came out I noticed a new bluey purple grape beside them on the shelf.  It looked the same, maybe a bit smaller in size but they right colour for that grapejuice grape candy flavour I like so much. Coronation Grapes? Never heard of them....and they were organic (which most Concord grapes aren't) so I got some.

OMG!!! They are the seedless (almost seedless really, some have little mini seeds in them) thinner skinned sister to Concord grapes!!  I have tried despretely to get them into the freezer so my kids can try how good a frozen grape can be (I felt up until now they were probably too much of a chocking hazard) but we keep eating them all.  My lips are numb, my fingernails purple and my stomach hurts but I can't stop.  I only eat other things because I know I should and reward myself for eating the other thing with some Coronation Grapes.  The season will be over soon and I will have eaten my fair share.....who am I kidding....the city of Toronto's fair share!!...but hopefully there will be a little stash in the that I haven't told the rest of the family about.....what's wrong with me?

The snack while I write this.
Frozen Grapes 

I know it seems crazy to give a recipe for this but there is a slight trick to it.  Rinse the grapes well but then let them dry well.  De-stem them and throw them in a zip-lock bag.  If they are really dry you don't have to worry about them freezing together into a huge lump which you really don't want.  Let them freeze solid.  You may need to break them up a little by crunching up the bag.  For kids freeze seedless easy to eat grapes.  I am not a big fan of how seedless green grapes freeze but try out a couple of different kinds and see what you like. BUT you HAVE to try frozen Coronation Grapes!!

*Frozen grapes are a wonderful feverish kid snack without the lowering the immune system sugar (did you know that as little as 1/4 tsp of sugar can lower your immune system for up to 48 hours?  Makes you wonder why kids cold meds are so full of sugar)

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