Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What's in your cream??

As far as health is concerned I am a strong believer in 'toxic load'  What I mean by this is that we all do things that aren't particularly good for our health but are an absolute necessity in our lives.  We live in a big city.  We are exposed to endless pollutants, radio, cellular and wi-fi waves, noise pollution, air pollution, heavily treated water, lack of green space, lack of room to grow more of our food etc.  But we have to live here right now, we don't have a choice.  I hope that the choices that we have made lessen the toxic overload that living in the city exposes us to.  Choices like,

  1. Very little processed foods
  2. If it isn't organic, it is local
  3. We don't drink milk
  4. We eat a lot of detoxifying/cleansing foods
  5. We have a RO water system for our drinking water
  6. I don't own any aluminum or stainless steal pots.  I cook exclusively in cast iron, enameled cast iron or enameled stainless steal
  7. We don't use any soaps, shampoos or beauty products that have crap in them...although I do admit to having a cheap mascara (but I wear make up maybe 4 times a month)
  8.  We grow as much veg in our city yard as we can
  9. We are un-vaccinated.  My children are completely, I was selectively vaccinated as a child and haven't had a shot of anything since, and my husband hasn't had any boosters.
  10. We chose to have all non-toxic 'green' toys.  Not only are they better for your children and the environment they are generally prettier to look at, smell nicer and almost never light up or make noise (I am very thanknful for this!!)
Here is how I see things:
What is in your cream?  'Half and Half' or 'Table Cream' should have milk and cream in it.....nothing else.  Here is the label from regular grocery store bought cream
Sodium Citrate - A food additive salt, is a buffer that controls the acidity.  It is an alkalizing agent to make the urine less acidic. It is used to treat kidney diseases like gout and stones......wait a minute!....what it really does is make the cream taste creamier with very little actual 'cream' in it.

Sodium Phosphate - Another food additive salt used as a emulsifier.  Large doses of it are taken for bowel preps before a colonoscopy or abdominal surgery.  I makes you poop!! 
Carrageenan -Thickening, gelling, and stabilizing agent: Ice cream, jelly, chocolate milk, infant formula, cottage cheese.Carrageenan is an indigestible family of large molecules obtained from seaweed. Large amounts of carrageenan have harmed test animals’ colons; the small amounts in food are safe.
Dextrose - Sweetener: Bread, caramel, soda pop, cookies, many other foods.  Dextrose is an important chemical in every living organism. A sugar, it is a source of sweetness in fruits and honey. Added to foods as a sweetener, it represents empty calories and contributes to tooth decay. Dextrose turns brown when heated and contributes to the color of bread crust and toast. Americans consume about 25 pounds per year of dextrose -- and a total of about 150 pounds per year of all refined sugars.  It is considered not toxic, but test show large amounts may be unsafe or promote bad nutrition.  I can't seem to find what is considered a 'large amount'.

And here are two different creams you can buy.  One is organic and the other is from a local farm that does have some organic products but this is not one of them.  They don't use food additives

This is a easy choice to make for your family.  Organic or food additive free dairy products are available everywhere now.  Yes they are a little more expensive but the truth is it's worth it.  Besides everyone would benefit from cutting back on dairy...it really isn't as good for you as we are being sold and the stuff we are being sold isn't as good as dairy can be.  What a change we could make to the dairy industry if we just all refused to buy the stuff full of crap and what a huge difference that would make to the health of our society.  It is one choice that makes a big difference and you can vote with your dollars.

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