Thursday, 1 September 2011

Product review - Moo Goo

I belong to quite a few groups on FaceBook and have a few web sites that I visit often.  One of the FaceBook groups that I belong to is 'Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children'.  Not only is it a great resource for vaccine information but as a group we help each other out with all health issues.  As parents who have chosen to not vaccinate not only have we all done tons of research on vaccines but on health in general and are happy to share.

Anyway I digress, the point is that one day on the topic boards I noticed a conversation about Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.  Being someone prone to skin stuff (like most red heads) I thought I would have a look.  There are a few things I already know about skin health (especially dry skin issues like the above) Don't over cleanse, take fish oils, lots of vitamin D, lay off heavily perfumed shampoos and conditioners being a few.  These were included as suggestions to help but one woman wrote "Moo Goo" and nothing else.

It peaked my interest so I started looking into it and found this place.  I read their entire website and was really taken by their philosophy and the quality of their products.  I searched for a North American distributer and emailed them to find out if there was an easier way to gets their products than order them from Queensland Australia.  But no they are not yet available here so I place an order.

I ordered
2 Eczema and Psoriasis Balm
2 Milk Shampoo
2 Cream Conditioner
1 Fresh Cream Deodorant

With Shipping the order was $136.96 CAN and they included a generous tester for their new MSM Cream.

The package arrived while we were away on holiday so I have only been able to try the stuff for a couple of days but I am SO impressed that I needed to comment now.  I have in the past tried to be a 'no poo' person, this should work considering my hair is pretty curly but the dry skin condition would get worse and my head would be even more itchy.  I tried 'no poo' but with a bit of a 'cone' free conditioner and that helped.  The scalp condition never got any better and certainly my hair felt great.  These guys have so many rave review that I had to try it.

Now I have applied the cream three times and have washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner once but already there is a marked difference.  Not only does my scalp not itch half as much as it did my hair feels AMAZING. It is really soft and smooth feeling and smells great.  I was amazed by how little of the product I need considering I have long very thick hair.  The conditioner spread easily and left my hair slippery like a high-end silicone filled chemical hair product but without the heaviness.

The cream is amazing and rubs in almost completely even when applied to the scalp without leaving my hair greasy.  Anyway I am sold and love all of it.  I am going to pay close attention to how long the products last to see if they make financial sense but with such amazing results in just a couple of days we may have to include it in our budget at least until my thyroid stuff gets under control and hopefully sorts out what ever game my skin is playing.

Big thumbs up to Moo Goo

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