Saturday, 24 September 2011

Everybody's working for the weekend

I am at a stage in life where the weekend can be the busiest part of my week.  Rarely is there a weekend that Big Daddy doesn't work part of so when he is around we have to become super productive multi-taskers.  Grocery shopping (I don't drive so this can only really happen with him) cleaning house, errands etc.  Gone are the days of endless dinners at restaurants, drinks till closing time, after hours clubs, partying till sunrise, luxurious cab rides home, sleeping till noon to wake up in full make up and hung over sunglasses-wearing-brunches with friends.

People with these freedoms ask if I miss it.  They are usually in their twenties and look at me with pity while they regal me with stories of the last time they got drunk and partied (last weekend or night)  'Every once and a while', I tell them.  There are times I look back a those days fondly and wonder what on earth I did with all that spare time?  How much time I wasted.......every once and a while I miss it. But not for one single moment do I want it back now!  Sure one night of being 22 again...having my 22 year old body, energy, alcohol tolerance, and 'moves' back but only if it can be at the clubs and dance to the music of my 22 year old self.  I didn't just get older and move on but the world moved on, music moved on and the locations of the clubs I loved have closed and reopened 10 times to younger and younger crowds.

Now my days are 'to do lists' and the race to cross as much off of them while still taking time to pay attention to my life, love my kids and honour my marriage.  No I don't have the time I had then....because my life is full

Today while flying solo with the kids I started my fall canning.  Today was a bushel of tomatoes.  I had them all jarred and ready for boiling before noon.

I got 21 jars from the one bushel so I hope to get at least one more bushel done in the coming week.  I can probably get a good portion of it done while the kids are in school this week.  We are in the midst if two really hectic weeks so I am really going to have to push.  So no late night dance parties for me.

 How I Can Tomatoes
  1. First I wash the tomatoes, cut out the stem and cut a 'X' in the bottom of them. 
  2. Then in batches I flash boil them, for about 15 seconds and then quickly cool them in a sink of cold water.  The peels slip off easily.  Put the peels in a colander and the now skinned tomato in large bowl.  
  3. I wash my jars in hot soapy water and instead of boiling them to sterilize I place them on a cookie sheet or in a roasting pan in a 200 degree oven letting them get good and hot.  
  4.  Squash the peels in your hands getting every last bit of pulp out of them. And press them against the sides of the colander.  Put this liquid in a pot and let simmer.
  5. Take the hot jars out one at a time to pack.  I jam as many tomatoes in as I can and top with the simmering juice. **There will be excess juice in the bottom of the bowl the tomatoes are in.  Add this to the simmering pot too.** I add a basil leaf (from the garden) the hot snap lid and gently tighten the ring (to what is called 'finger tight')
  6. The jars are then boiled in batches of 7 (that's what my canner holds) for 1 hour 20 minutes a batch
 There is nothing better than home canned tomatoes

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