Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Curdled cream and Cat Barf

We are now into week two of the kids starting school.  Everyone kept asking me what I was I going to do with my free time.  I knew I could fill it but with what?  What was going to be my priority?  An uninterrupted shower? A quiet breakfast? The kind of cleaning that is impossible to do with kids running around? Or write?...............the problem is, it really isn't that much time.  The kids are in 'class' from 8:45 am until 11:15 and with the walking back and forth to and from the school it gives me just over 2 hours of 'free time'.  Not a lot of time to accomplish much.  I also find that in the rush to get out the door things are left for me to get to when I get back.  I still have to clean up from breakfast, organize a snack/lunch for when we get home and finish whatever other steps there are to get us up for the day...feed the dog etc.  By the time I do these things I usually have about an hour left to eat my own breakfast and go get them.  So all these big plans I have had to finally get things done around here have been sadly delayed again......maybe until  they are in full time school?

It doesn't help to move the day along when this morning I woke up to my cream having curdled and huge piles of cat barf all over the living room rug.  I picked up some cream at the corner store on the way home from drop off and am now having my first cup of coffee.  I figured the cat barf can wait until I am fully caffeinated....or maybe until they are in full time school?

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