Thursday, 22 September 2011

Breakfast this Morning: Coconut Butter

Ok so there are a few things many things food related that I go crazy for.  I am always trying to create the perfect balance of Hot Sour Salty Sweet....this is also the title of a remarkable cook book by Jeffery Alford that I highly recommend.....sweet is sweeter with a bit of salt, hot is tamed with a bit of sweet, salty is calmed with a dash of's the circle of life really...

So I read recently about Coconut Butter.  Not only are the fats from coconut amazing for you inside and out...I have a whole page on the health benefits of coconut oil....but it has such a wonderful flavour that can be part of a hot, sour, salty or sweet dish.  This makes it incredibly versatile.  So I wanted to try this coconut butter thing.

It is pretty simple.  Take flaked, shredded or finely shredded unsweetened coconut and put it in your food processor.  Process it scrapping down the sides every couple of minutes.  It will come together fairly quickly depending on the freshness of the coconut (mine wasn't that fresh so it took longer) and the size of the 'shred'.  After a few minutes it will become pasty and then liquify and 'butterize' (yes that is a word!)
about 2 minutes in
about 4 minutes in

Final product - BUDDAH!
Going into this I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to use it for so I have waited before posted this for you.  But then this morning I was about ON OATMEAL!!

Now I don't think there is a font or text size that can express how good this was.  We had cinnamon raisin oatmeal with coconut butter, a bit of honey and some almond milk.  Truly one of the yummiest of oatmeals I have ever had....and I eat A LOT of oatmeal....see various posts on the subject

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