Tuesday, 20 September 2011


My husband and I aren't 'big dealers'.  We don't make a big deal about stuff.  We rarely celebrate our own birthdays with much flair (I make a bigger deal about his generally) and we almost never do much about our wedding anniversary (he was away camping on our first wedding anniversary while I was home super pregnant)

Some good friends of ours always 'do' something.  They always take a moment to recognize the landmarks....they don't have kids....YET! (she is pregnant!!)  But it made me think that maybe we should be not only taking the time to honour each other a little but to celebrate that we have made it this far.  My way of making sure this happens was to tell Big Daddy that I want up to make a bigger deal about stuff.  Not that it has to happen every year (in a big way) but that we make an effort to remind the other one that we love them.  I told him that I needed it and that it would make me happy.  He is pretty good about hearing requests like that and so this wedding anniversary he did.

He got my uncle and two cousins to take the kids for the night. Rented us eBikes (electric mopeds) in Niagara-on-the-Lake and took me on a wine tasting tour that he planned out.  It was AMAZING!!!  The bikes were kinda scary at first but once I got a hang of it....oh boy was it fun!!
My eBike hunk

We managed to go to four (maybe five) wineries and had tastings at all of them.  We even bought a couple of bottles and two little mini ice wines.  I love wine......

We then went for a nice dinner at one of the better restaurants in town (I ate a huge prime rib with more red wine)  It was strange having a day to ourselves. It reminded me why I love him and how easily we got along before we had kids.  I don't think I realized how much of a strain the kids have put on our marriage.....not that the marriage is in trouble or anything I don't want to give that impression at all.....but how much the attention to 'us' shifted to 'them' when they were born.  And although it is exactly what is suppose to happen and completely natural it was nice to stop and face each other for a moment and think....oh yeah that's why I married this guy!

After dinner we loaded into the car and made the drive back into the city (about an hour and an half) and got a little gussied up for a party.  Other friends of ours were celebrating their 10 year anniversary and had gotten babysitters for the night as well (this is sooooo rare for both of us) and were throwing a house party.  The amazing thing was that most of our friends all have kids now and almost all of them got babysitters and were able to come.  I took a couple of pictures from the night....the lighting sucked but the pictures are pretty good...these are just a few of the people there.  I would have/should have taken more but I got distracted by more wine

Jamie and Tina
Some of the Daddys

Seph looking beautiful
Dotty looking glam

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