Sunday, 14 August 2011

Things I never thought I would say but marriage and having kids has brought out the best in me

"Please don't fart when I'm eating"
"NO no no no no no.....not on the carpet .ooooooooooookay and nevermind"
"Get your hands out of your bum"
"Wash your hands after touching that"
"The toilet is not a toy"
"Get your feet out of your brothers mouth"
"Nope you only wipe your own bum"
"no poo isn't a toy"
"that's not for eating"
"Leave the dogs bum/eye ball/tongue/ alone"
"That's right poo is yucky and no you don't eat it"
(why are so many of these about poo?)

I will add to this has they happen....and no I will never clarify which ones were said to the kids and which ones to my husband :-)

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