Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Summer vacations of the past and future

The driveway
 The days of swimming at Smith Dock, catching fireflies, late night movies, shopping for cute dresses with my Gramma, playing with endless distant cousins and snacking on gold fish crackers and cokes on the porch are over.  The summers of my childhood are gone.

Sadly my grandparents are no longer with us.  Something I am heavily reminded of when I am here.  I haven’t spent many summers here without them.  Since they died I have to admit I haven’t spent much time here at all.  My grandfather died when I was 18.  Right around the age when the last thing you want to do IS vacation with your family.  My grandmother lived for another 10 or 11 years but her health was declining and the trip to the family house was often too difficult. I was a college student who had to work summers to pay for college and probably entirely too cool to make the effort to come down anyway.

The side porch

I missed it ~ This creaky old family house that has a very particular smell.  Something that is a mix of musty, citronella, fresh air and dried-on-the-clothes-line laundry.  The slightly damp beds that are a little too soft and have lumpy pillows.  You still sleep better and everything relaxes a bit.

I haven’t been here in 6 years.  A summer of IVF followed by a high risk pregnancy and twins…..there was no room for big travel to a very un-childproof house.  Now at almost 4 the kids can be trusted to not touch everything or run out to the road (not that there is much traffic to worry about).  I love being here with them.  I love knowing that this is the beginning of their summer tradition.  I love that they will have the same memories (or at least similar ones) and I can hope that they will love it here as much as I do.

I checked to see if I could rip off someones wi-fi but there isn’t a single signal. Maybe that’s why we sleep so well. No constant electrical assault on our brains. 

The Husband on the front porch

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