Monday, 22 August 2011

Family Vacations

There are few things that run true for every parent but I think one that is universally agreed upon is: a vacation with little kids isn’t much of a vacation.  Usually the only difference is that you aren’t working (which isn’t the case for me) and both parents are on duty which sometimes can be a vacation in of itself.

We are lucky in that this summer/family/mountain house is full to the brim with family that can occupy the kids for stretches of time leaving some time for me to stare off in to the distance and day dream.  The sad part is there is so much work that needs to be done on the house that there is very little down time at all.

My strongest memories of this place are of my childhood summers here.  My grandparents, Gramma and Papa, had long retired and would spend 4-6 months of the year at this house.  By the time school was out and the ‘Royal grandchildren’ as they called us, had arrived they had already been here for two months cleaning up, painting and getting rid of any beasties that had decided that moving in under the livingroom for the winter was a good idea.  Now with them gone and the maintenance of this place up to family that lives in Canada that can only spend a few weeks at a time……well….lets just say that it is hard to imagine how much there is to do and still find the time to ponder the clouds.

Last night after the kids were put to bed we all sat down and a discussion started of how important it is to hold on to this house….and if it is important.  This house has been in the family for close to 120 years.  3 generations of kids have spent their summers here.  We all have amazing memories here and would be heartbroken to let it go.  But there is the it worth it?  The house isn't cheap to maintain and with property values in the area going up so are the property taxes.

Currently the house is owned by my mom and her brother.  I am due to inherit 1/2 of it (hopefully no time soon!)  Do I see my future summers all being in North Carolina?  Do I see this as the summer holiday location for my children?  Will it be financially worth it?  And there is always the question, when you own a vacation home it becomes the only place you vacation (unless you are very wealthy and we are not)  Is this the only place we want to go?

And then there are a million moments that make me realize there isn't a chance that I would ever consider my future being any other way.

Big day, waiting for dinner
Bea, the bathroom opens to the porch

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