Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Struggling through an article for Modern Alternative Mama.  I think I have all the bits and pieces it is now just finding a way of putting them all together.  It is hard with so little down time....so little quiet.  The kids have been on a crazy schedule lately that keeps them up late on the days they nap or makes them almost impossible to be around any time after 5 on the days they don't.  There is a lot more time to yourself on the 'no nap' days because they have a much earlier bed time but that down time is usually spent 'wining' to recover from the 3-4 hours in the afternoon of whining.

Today I was given the gift of Daddy taking them out for a bike ride.  I might just be in love with our new bike trailer/stroller.

 Not only did I get a bunch of writing done but I thought I would pop over here and say hey!

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