Friday, 8 July 2011

Because I love it

There are a million things that I think are a total waste of money and I hate that these things are sold to us like we couldn't live without them.  A good one is the idea of all the baby crap that we are told is necessary when you have a baby.  Most of it is useless or maybe helpful for only a few weeks making it something that would have been better to borrow.  Collectables drive me crazy....

BUT that being said........I ADORE the ridiculous!! Kitchy Cha Cha Nik Naks Collectable Chochkys.  Mind you I wouldn't waste a dime of my money on any of it but I love that someone thinks that someone will......and maybe someone besides Michael Jackson does or did....

For this kind of crazy I tune in to skymall

(I have to add at this point that before the internet, as a kid I use to steal the Skymall magazine off the airplane I loved it so much.  It was actually weirder THEN)

Often this site makes me laugh harder than any other site...because they take it all so seriously

Like these items,

for the cat in your life that has everything...only $80

This 'klassi' fountain only $1750.00

Who doesn't want this side table? only $159.99

A steal at $1850.00

This outstanding storage solution $895.00

It's a stool and I hate to admit I kinda lerv this

For those days when your feeling 'kicky'

To make this Canadian girl feel right at home for $1350.00

But we need a piece to really anchor the room and pull it all know....encase there was any question of the 'look' we are aiming for
ONLY $225.00!!!
IF you just can't see's because the film reel table comes in other colours....

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jaguarfan904 said...

That's awesome! If I ever doubted you were my sister cuz, there is no doubt now! To this very day I steal these magazines. I admit it, I've ordered stuff off it!