Wednesday, 27 July 2011

45 Momths

Dear my Loves,

We can celebrate that we love summer.  What a fun challenging difference this summer is from the last.  This one is much more about keeping you guys busy and wearing you out while last summer was more about small outings to preserve naps.

We have been to every park within walking distance (mine), had picnics, snacks, bike rides, games of 'it', temper tantrums, and melt downs in every one of them.  We are enjoying summer.

Water Baby A

Water Baby B

Back in March when I was signing you guys up for school I had real second thoughts about whether you would be ready, whether I was ready to let you go and whether you two were ready to be separated.  As the summer progresses, the more I realize how much you guys need school and some time away from each other.

Bea takes her own picture with the webcam
Bea you're more of a challenge than ever this summer and I can't wait for you to start school.  Not because I want you away from me but because I think you need the stimulation more than ever.  You are the craziest drama girl and as hard as it is to parent that sometimes (sometimes I just have to get out of your way) it makes for some really funny moments to.

You had to take off your over night diaper fast because apparently it was very uncomfortable or as you said "It's killin me.

One day you leaned back on the couch, put your hand on your forehead, sighed and said dramatically "mummy I need a break" 

You wiped Gerties nose with a tissue. Saying it is yucky and all wet. 

"no mummy I don't want to be a nice girl, I want to be a HAPPY girl" 

While looking at a picture of a family with 4 kids you said "There is the Mummy, and the Daddy and those are all the sweethearts?" 

Gabe you are such a weird little egg.  Such a focused little dreamer. So busy.

To Mini (our cat) in a squeaky falsetto "ooooh lovely kitty, you're so silly and soft, soft like a pillow, a pillow wif feeeeeeet." 

One morning "I wanna play wif cars not a widdle while BUT a big while" 


There was one big expense this month that we love but still question how good an idea it was at your age.  We bought a new stroller.  You guys had met the maximum weight capacity for the old one and it is a hard and heavy stroller to push around with 80-90 pounds of kids in it.  We decided it might be time to finally spurge on get the stroller/bike trailer that we had always wanted.  Not only does it hold a lot more weight but it has more function for us at this stage.  I would like to say that you guys are too old for a stroller but it's not true when your mom doesn't drive and runs errands with you in tow.  It's not just about whether you guys can do the walking but who is going to carry all the stuff?  Even trips to the park to play in the pool requires an enormous amount of stuff.  A blanket, towels, snacks, drinks, dry clothes, sun block, a book for me, drinks etc.  Even if I just throw that into the stroller while you guys walk it is helpful.  It is also invaluable for getting tired kids home quick, a load of groceries or a kid that has decided they don't want to go home.  We also thought it was a smart buy in the long run because it can be used for one when (and if) baby number three ever arrives.  A bit big for one but I will still have two other kids and all the stuff that that entails.  And oh boy do you guys love riding around in it as a bike trailer.  One interesting bit of all your check ups over the years the doctors have always said that Gabe's head circumference is off the charts or in the 90th percentile.  I thought you might have grown into your head as time goes by but when we bought you guys the helmets, Bea easily fit into the kids sizes while Gabe needed a 'youth' 3 1/2 you have a youth size head!!!

 You two are the craziest, most nuts, biggest weirdos, most loved little people in the world and I wouldn't have it any other way

Love Mama

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Anonymous said...

I luv that you do this for them! Such a beautiful gift for them when they're older and wanna reflect back. I luv you guys!