Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Why I am popular

Someone asked me recently about my blogging....."how many hits to you get?"

Truth is I have no idea.....I don't pay attention really.  I guess I would be doing this if no one was reading but I do love comments.....and maybe one small day in the future I can make a living doing some writing here but for now my writing will more recognized elsewhere and here will just be for enjoyment and documenting of life.

BUT that being said I went and checked.  She made me wonder and yes this small blog is getting more and more popular but the best part is WHY!!!

So I get quite a bit of traffic from google searches...mostly for obvious searches for me.....'life a study blog' and the likes but there have been some traffic sent my way for unusual searches like

'Diaper poop' not a totally bizarre search
'child girls poopoo training'  ok a little weirder
'family nudity' have I ever talked about family nudity? I mean yeah sure we're (the kids really) naked all the time but I don't write about it....do I?
'terrible cake' ummmmmm this confuses me
'camel toe' Now this one makes total sense!!!  But I am surprised that I get as much action from this search as I do considering that I don't post pictures of myself at all!


Ajax said...

I don't get many comments, even though I get quite a bunch of views. My search items aren't quite as diverse as yours. I'm pretty sure my post that gets the most hits is because I referred to "Hot Argentinian Models" in it. I hate to think of how confused perverts were when they clicked on my blog. "I'm looking for naked chicks, not a thousand words of babble from a non-practicing lawyer".

Anyway, I might recommend adding the approval/disapproval blocks to the bottom of your posts (like my "I hate this" "Okay" "fill me with babies/take my wife"). People are generally lazy, but those who are too lazy to type out comments will sometimes click a button to lend support. Problem with mine is that people who like what I write, since I'm a smart ass, click "I hate this" and if they truly don't like it, hit "okay". There's only trannies and that one creepy lady who ever hit "fill me with babies/take my wife". Still, it's a way to judge the general reception. Something to consider, perhaps.

Ajax said...

Also, dear God, please no Camel Toe.