Thursday, 30 June 2011

It's Jammin'

I made jam.....or maybe it is more of a dessert topping....but it is gooooood.

I always find jam too sweet and like all the 'twice the fruit' types of fruit toppings so I didn't add as much sugar to a recipe I found as called for and I am sure it is MUCH better than the original

Here is what I did
The strawberries, Ontario Organic, 6 quarts of them

Washed and de-stemed, they were too small to hull
Started to cook them with 3 cups of sugar, they make their own liquid
Boiled them for 40 minutes until thickened (you can see how much they reduced, add 5 tbsps of Balsamic Vinagar.  Then let cool

Then I did a water bath canning.  Got close to 10 is not in this picture because we were eating it while I was taking this picture.  Oh you want some?  Bring over some whipping cream and I'll make ice cream.

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