Monday, 27 June 2011

44 Momths

Dear Twin A and Twin B

44 months !!!  Forty Four!! Really!?!? wow..

I am tired.  Tired into my bones.  I have been trying to be the best Mama this month but I am also fighting with trying to claim some time to be just ME!  I have been so busy trying to get some things off the ground that I have found it difficult to be a 100% Mama every day and I am sorry that some days my fuse has been short.

You two have come to a point that you really need to be thoroughly worn out everyday and I am thoroughly worn out just thinking about it.  The heat hasn't helped either.  We play outside for a little while but the heat catches up with us.  You guys get cranky and I get impatient.  It is amazing your mood change if I turn the hose on you or throw you in our little pool :-)

As always you guys are funnier and weirder really, every month

Gabe, you have decided that certain cars are 'happy' and other cars are 'mad'. Our next door neighbour has a black Toyota Corolla which is a happy car but the other neighbours black Honda Civic is "the mad H car" 

You informed me that you are 'potty twained AND tree twained' as you peed in the bushes..........
You have started playing some weird games including 'making worlds'.  You collects certain toys in piles around the house and call them things like "Train World", or "Mommy's World" 

One morning you left your jammy bottoms off after peeing. I told you to put them back on and you said "No Mummy I like it when my todger flaps in the wind" 

Most days I only allow you a certain amount of tv watching time during different parts of the day. One night you were given 10 minutes if you put their jammies on (without an argument) After the 10 minute I said "ok guys 10 minutes is up, time to brush your teeth" to which Gabe replied "No no no no minutes is DOWN!" 

Gabe in a restaurant bathroom "I'm potty trained".........long pause....."but Mummy trains don't go peepee" lady in stall beside us bursts out laughing........and farts.......I almost drop Gabe in the toilet covering his mouth so he doesn't say anything!!

Gabe and the cordless phone 

"One, Two, Fee, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Stawr, Zeerow, Twain Twacks"
Gabe was crying so I asked "You having a melt down Gabe?" to which he said "YES and then I go down, down, down and then I am just little"

While Bea your month has been full of telling us, bossing us and now apparently 3 years 7 months 21 days and 15 hours is the stage of development when the brain can comprehend what the benefits of lying might be.  There has been a lot of "But Daddy said I could" or Daddy said yes" if I tell you no.

Over breakfast - "oink oink, naaaaaaaaaayyyyyyeeeee, woo woo, quack quack, weeeeeeeoooooooook weeeeeeeeooooooook"...........​....."Bea Bea what animal makes that noise?" "A Zebra Mummy, shesh!" and she rolled her eyes 

One day Bea wanted to give me a 'momsage' When I asked her what it was she rubbed my shoulders 'like dis on Mommy' 

You called me a 'Sillwee Goose' and informed me one morning while I was getting dressed that you don't want 'big ones' like Mummy...... 

Bea has recently picked up the term "What's the big idea?" but keeps using it out of context. So far today she used it when I asked her to get dressed, while eating breakfast, while looking out the window and again after peeing.......... 
Bea ready for horseback riding

I  worry about whether you guys are ready for JK. We had our 'Welcome to Kindergarten' meet and greet and you both cried when we left. 

This month I had the honour of hosting the POM meeting.  Most people had arrived before you guys had gone to bed.  Not only did you charm all the other moms you both gave good night hugs and kisses to most of them on your way up the stairs.

Bea at the farm with Mummy
We also tried something different this month that went so well that I think we will do it again.  We split you up and took you out one on one.  Gabe went with Daddy to work (a easy half day) while I took Bea to Riverdale Farm.  We all met up for a late lunch early dinner and talked about what great days we had.  It was nice and easy to have one kid to please and pay attention to and made me realize that I might just punch the next parent of a singleton that complains to me about how hard it is :-)

We also had a super fun family day at Fantasy Fair.  It has to be one of my favourite days this summer 

Gabe getting dizzy with Daddy

Bea getting dizzy with Mummy

Like every month, I love you more everyday

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Lora Rossi said...

So nice that you are doing these updates for your babes. They will grow up and read these and thank you. Enjoying your blog Em. Let me know if you want to collaborate. :)