Thursday, 30 June 2011

It's Jammin'

I made jam.....or maybe it is more of a dessert topping....but it is gooooood.

I always find jam too sweet and like all the 'twice the fruit' types of fruit toppings so I didn't add as much sugar to a recipe I found as called for and I am sure it is MUCH better than the original

Here is what I did
The strawberries, Ontario Organic, 6 quarts of them

Washed and de-stemed, they were too small to hull
Started to cook them with 3 cups of sugar, they make their own liquid
Boiled them for 40 minutes until thickened (you can see how much they reduced, add 5 tbsps of Balsamic Vinagar.  Then let cool

Then I did a water bath canning.  Got close to 10 is not in this picture because we were eating it while I was taking this picture.  Oh you want some?  Bring over some whipping cream and I'll make ice cream.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Dinner Last Night - Roast Chicken

I make the best roast chicken.  There is an art to it, 'a trick', and here it is - You cook it at a really high high as your oven can go without smoking out your house.  My oven can do 425 to 450 depending on how clean it is.

Preheat your oven and preheat a large cast iron pan.  I use a dutch oven. You want it really hot BEFORE you put anything it

There are a million different flavours and herb blends you can do but I have a favourite that I have been making about once a week or every 10 days for the last year.  Yes we eat a lot of roast chicken but part of that is that I don't buy any sandwich meats of any kind.  We want roast beef sandwiches, I buy a roast (I know a trick for the best roast beef too).  There are so many things you can do with cooked chicken that it is just a win win to have some around.

So here is my free range organic chicken.  You will notice it appears a bit yellower (or not because I don't have mad foto skillz) than most chickens.  This is because it was allowed to eat bugs.  Chickens are not natural vegetarians.  Like most birds they eat bugs, worms and grubs etc. The protein rich diet, is in fact what gives it the 'chickeny' taste.  Grain fed chicken are generally pretty flavourless and have that pearly white appearance that consumers seem to think is desirable. (there is a marked nutritional difference between grain fed and free range/pastured birds too but that's another post)

The next thing to do is to get under the skin on the breast.  You can do this at the 'head end' by sliding your finger under the skin.  Sometimes there is a membrane that blocks the path but it is easy to pierce with your finger tip.

The idea is to slip fresh herbs under the skin. I used fresh sage leaves from my garden which is my favourite for this recipe. ( I would recommend sage, basil, or tarragon).

Then you want to do the same for the legs.  You will have to cut a small slit in the skin to get under it

Next is to salt and pepper the outside of the bird.  NEVER use regular table salt. Not only it is a terrible sharp metallic salt taste it also ground too fine.  I love a good Maldon salt or hand harvested sea salt.  They have a wonderful slightly crunchy texture and you aren't over-whelmed with a salt taste.  You want to be more generous with the salt and pepper than you would assume. I then sprinkled about 1/2 tsp of Herbs de Provence

I am a little messy when salt and peppering and 'herbing' letting some of it fall on the cutting board.  I can then 'clean' it up by dragging the chicken through what is on the board.  This seasons the bottom of the bird.

Very carefully pull your very hot pan out of the oven and drop the chicken in.  You should hear sizzling.  Then carefully put it back in the oven.  The cooking time is going to depend on the size of your chicken and how hot you are able to get your oven but it probably won't exceed an hour by much.  I highly recommend investing in a good meat thermometer.  I hate the ones that you jam into the meat and leave in during the cooking.  I never find them accurate. Even if they are fancy and digital and have a fancy silicone cord. They are crap.

I will pass on some advice a chef I worked with once gave me.  Get a good quality 'pen' thermometer (see picture below). They are small, about the size of a pen with a slip on cover that has a pen clip for the pocket of your chef's jacket (what you don't have a chef jacket? :-)  They aren't expensive, $20ish, and they are very accurate.  Just poke it in to the thickest part of the meat.

With all meat you want to take it out of the oven when it is just a couple of degrees short of the desired temperature.  Then you let it 'rest' for approx 5 minutes with a sheet of tin foil on top.  This lets the juices redistribute and it will finish cooking.

Then eat it. Use the meat for sandwiches, stir frys, soups, chopped up in rice, cold drum stick in lunches, anything.  But you have beautifully roasted healthy chicken with no added crap, preservatives, or chemicals with very little effort.  It is simple and delicious.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Kombucha Update Part IV

As I mentioned before I am making Kombucha but have run into a little snag.  The weather!!  I know it sounds weird....the weather has been beautiful here for the most part but not that warm.  It takes warmth for bacteria to grow.  In a dark cupboard in my kitchen it doesn't get above room temperature for more than a couple of hours a day.  So this stage is taking a while.  I also have to admit that I am having a hard time telling if it is ready.  You are suppose to be able to tell by the smell - it loses it's sweet smell and just barely starts to smell vinegary -  but there was enough of the original Kombucha and with the SCOBY that I kinda felt it smelt this way from the very beginning.  Anyway here are some photos.  Note that it is growing a new baby SCOBY.......does anyone want one?
The SCOBYs look like lemon slices
 Next I will be bottling it for the second fermentation which will make it carbonated.  And I will add a little juice.  I am think a cherry pomegranate combo.  So yummy....want some?

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Kombucha Part V

Monday, 27 June 2011

Did we lose the plot?

I am concerned with the current perception that a childhood isn't complete without endless cookies, treats, desserts and trips to McDonalds. I watched an extremely overweight heavy breathing 4 year old eat a box of cookies at the park while the mom said she just couldn't stop him. No matter how demanding your child is you still have the choice to NOT BUY THE COOKIES!

When did we loose the plot? Or more appropriately, when did we loose control?  I read something recently about society’s transition from having children to be laborers on the farm to what we have now - the expectation of having the prodigal gifted child that we pamper, worship and let run the show.  We over schedule them, over and under teach them, hire others to raise them and have higher expectations of them. And you know what all the studies have shown? They are no smarter and no more successful.  In some cases they are just precious pre-madonnas that think because they have a university degree that they deserve to be the president of the company.  More and more they have a great sense of entitlement, and are unwilling to ‘learn the ropes’ or start at the bottom and ‘work their way up’. Or so the article said…

So where do we go from here? The cost of living has soared while incomes have barely changed.  We are broker than we ever have been, and living more and more on borrowed money.  Households need at least two incomes to survive and really would be better off with three (is that even possible?). So we wait later and later in life until we can ‘afford’ to have children or at least until we feel our career can ‘afford’ it. But doesn’t this set a standard for what is important? That what you ‘do’, or ‘how’ you make money and how much money you make is really the important thing?  When we meet people one of the first things we ask is “so what do you do?” Does it really matter? It doesn’t help that our entire identities are now wrapped up in what we ‘do’, our self worth is dependent on it!

I know what happened….mom was at work all day and with what little time she has with her son, she didn’t want to spend it saying “no”.  Love and attention is replaced by stuff. Our guilt causes us to forget that we are the adults and our exhaustion lets healthy food choices fall to the wayside. It doesn’t help that prepared packaged crap is now cheaper than cooking from scratch. I don’t blame her……”it’s the system man”…..

I am, with my limited capabilities, trying desperately to save my kids from this as long as possible.  I know I will not have control of their diets forever but I do know that not once in their almost 4 years have they gotten something other than an apology out of me because of guilt. If I feel that I haven’t done my best by them I tell them and say that I will try to do better tomorrow and that I am sorry.  When it comes to food, we will have healthy real food in this house ONLY. Crap is what you eat at a birthday party.  I am by no means laying claims at being a better mom than any one, we all win and lose at different aspects of this job.  I am only thinking about this because my kids are at an age where I am having more and more social interaction with other parents because of how social my kids have gotten and I have noticed how often they ask me what I ‘do’.  This is so foreign to me. My first inclination is to ask “What’s your story?” or “What are you about?” if all kid based conversation is used up. And to make it even more confusing for me, when I am asked what I ‘do’ my answer is never what I ‘do’ for money. I am not ashamed of what makes me money but it isn’t what I DO.  It is what I ‘do’ with very little of my time – I am a mom and wife 24 hours of the day, I am a friend for a couple.  I am a student for a few. I am a teacher for some.  I am a gardener, a cook, a writer, a neighbour, a planner, a thinker, an organizer, and a goofball, none of which I get paid for and they make up more of who I am than what I do 'do'……. heh heh I said 'do do'.

44 Momths

Dear Twin A and Twin B

44 months !!!  Forty Four!! Really!?!? wow..

I am tired.  Tired into my bones.  I have been trying to be the best Mama this month but I am also fighting with trying to claim some time to be just ME!  I have been so busy trying to get some things off the ground that I have found it difficult to be a 100% Mama every day and I am sorry that some days my fuse has been short.

You two have come to a point that you really need to be thoroughly worn out everyday and I am thoroughly worn out just thinking about it.  The heat hasn't helped either.  We play outside for a little while but the heat catches up with us.  You guys get cranky and I get impatient.  It is amazing your mood change if I turn the hose on you or throw you in our little pool :-)

As always you guys are funnier and weirder really, every month

Gabe, you have decided that certain cars are 'happy' and other cars are 'mad'. Our next door neighbour has a black Toyota Corolla which is a happy car but the other neighbours black Honda Civic is "the mad H car" 

You informed me that you are 'potty twained AND tree twained' as you peed in the bushes..........
You have started playing some weird games including 'making worlds'.  You collects certain toys in piles around the house and call them things like "Train World", or "Mommy's World" 

One morning you left your jammy bottoms off after peeing. I told you to put them back on and you said "No Mummy I like it when my todger flaps in the wind" 

Most days I only allow you a certain amount of tv watching time during different parts of the day. One night you were given 10 minutes if you put their jammies on (without an argument) After the 10 minute I said "ok guys 10 minutes is up, time to brush your teeth" to which Gabe replied "No no no no minutes is DOWN!" 

Gabe in a restaurant bathroom "I'm potty trained".........long pause....."but Mummy trains don't go peepee" lady in stall beside us bursts out laughing........and farts.......I almost drop Gabe in the toilet covering his mouth so he doesn't say anything!!

Gabe and the cordless phone 

"One, Two, Fee, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Stawr, Zeerow, Twain Twacks"
Gabe was crying so I asked "You having a melt down Gabe?" to which he said "YES and then I go down, down, down and then I am just little"

While Bea your month has been full of telling us, bossing us and now apparently 3 years 7 months 21 days and 15 hours is the stage of development when the brain can comprehend what the benefits of lying might be.  There has been a lot of "But Daddy said I could" or Daddy said yes" if I tell you no.

Over breakfast - "oink oink, naaaaaaaaaayyyyyyeeeee, woo woo, quack quack, weeeeeeeoooooooook weeeeeeeeooooooook"...........​....."Bea Bea what animal makes that noise?" "A Zebra Mummy, shesh!" and she rolled her eyes 

One day Bea wanted to give me a 'momsage' When I asked her what it was she rubbed my shoulders 'like dis on Mommy' 

You called me a 'Sillwee Goose' and informed me one morning while I was getting dressed that you don't want 'big ones' like Mummy...... 

Bea has recently picked up the term "What's the big idea?" but keeps using it out of context. So far today she used it when I asked her to get dressed, while eating breakfast, while looking out the window and again after peeing.......... 
Bea ready for horseback riding

I  worry about whether you guys are ready for JK. We had our 'Welcome to Kindergarten' meet and greet and you both cried when we left. 

This month I had the honour of hosting the POM meeting.  Most people had arrived before you guys had gone to bed.  Not only did you charm all the other moms you both gave good night hugs and kisses to most of them on your way up the stairs.

Bea at the farm with Mummy
We also tried something different this month that went so well that I think we will do it again.  We split you up and took you out one on one.  Gabe went with Daddy to work (a easy half day) while I took Bea to Riverdale Farm.  We all met up for a late lunch early dinner and talked about what great days we had.  It was nice and easy to have one kid to please and pay attention to and made me realize that I might just punch the next parent of a singleton that complains to me about how hard it is :-)

We also had a super fun family day at Fantasy Fair.  It has to be one of my favourite days this summer 

Gabe getting dizzy with Daddy

Bea getting dizzy with Mummy

Like every month, I love you more everyday

Thursday, 23 June 2011

It's gettin real.....

To Do List: Thursday June 23 2011

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

To Do List: Have Fun!

To Do List cancelled due to AWESOMENESS!

My husband surprised me and took the day off giving us an opportunity to take the kids to a indoor amusement park we had coupons for.

So much fun!!
Gabe on the train
Gabe and Daddy on the train

Bea on the spinning balloon
Going fast and giggling

Daddy and Gabe spinning very fast

Gabe flying a plane
Bea flying a plane

Gabe in the train tunnel
Bea and Daddy in the train car ahead of us

Monday, 20 June 2011

Kids are smart

I love finding stuff like this.  I love grassroots learning and when results can been seen by a child.

Now if that potato still has enough life force to sprout and start to grow vines in a week, imagine how good it is for you.

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Washstand

I love antique washstands.  They are a perfect size, they have tons of storage, and they are generally pretty.  I got a hold of an old one recently and it had been well loved and strangely stained and stripped.

Now I don't fancy myself some visionary but I did take two semesters of Interior Design school......yes that is dripping with sarcastic smugness..... I had to drop out because I was so painfully pregnant that waddling to school carrying endless carpet or stone samples was out of the question.....

So this is what I did to it

It will now sit on the landing at the top of the stairs holding a small lamp and storing some strange odds and ends including the iron.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Curry Rub for Salmon and my Favourite Green Salad

I promised some readers that I would post our meals with the recipes more often. I have failed miserably....I am trying to get better about following up but geez have I been busy lately.

Like this week, we returned Sunday from being away for the weekend, me sporting a shiny new head cold.  I am fighting the good fight with my GSE (I will do a post on this I promise) but am still being dragged down. As you can see from my daily to do lists I have a lot to do lately and I am failing at that too.  Yesterday I probably took on a bit more than I should taking the kids for a LONG walk up to Home Depot.  It is mostly up hill from where we live (yes pushing a 120 lbs stroller) and I was in direct sunlight.......I am a very pale ginger redhead.....sunlight and my skin are NOT friends. So of course I got burned even though I had on sunblock, long sleeves and pants AND a sun hat.  I went to bed early last night, still with my cold and now sunstroke....yay me.

Today is the first day of a line of 5 very busy days which involve no less than 3 parties, a meeting that I am hosting in my house, a business meeting at a restaurant, a Father's Day picnic with my husband's entire family, a doctors appointment along with the regular day to day schedule of being a WAHM.

Anyway on with dinner eh?

So last night with my sunstroke I didn't feel much like cooking and we needed something substantial, we were all starving. So......I had some left over basmati rice in the fridge.....hmmmm.

So I coated some salmon in a rub I made from curry powder, a pinch of cayenne, salt and olive oil and threw them on the BBQ. This is not too spicy for little guys but you can leave out the cayenne and just add a grind of pepper if you want.

Then I melted a good size knob of butter and toasted about 3 tsp of cumin seeds and 6 or 7 cardamon pods until the cumin looked toasted and I could really smell the spices, then I added the rice. If you use unsalted butter, add some salt.

Lastly......I have been trying to get the kids to start eating salad.  I LOVE salad especially in the summer time when you aren't craving carbs as much and don't want to heat up your house cooking veg.  Here is my current favourite salad, and yes I go through trends on salad and will eat one kind everyday for weeks before I get sick of it and move on to some other combination.

This one is:
Mixed greens
Grated carrot
Sliced cucumber
Sliced red onion
Sliced sweet peppers
Toasted pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup Sweet brown rice vinegar
2 tbsp Honey
4 or 5 dashes Franks Red Hot Sauce
1/4 cup Olive Oil
pinch of Salt

The kids loved this dinner and each ate two servings of it including the salad.  Sweet brown rice vinegar isn't very acidic and with honey it slightly sweet.  Really it is the hot sauce that adds any acid at all.  It is a nice light dressing that I like so much I almost want to drink it.....and I will probably write about it if I ever do.......

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Presumptive assumptions

Don't poke the bear, don't take the bait, not playing, avoiding the un-winable.

I am a very outspoken vaccine awareness advocate.  Vaccines are a touchy subject no matter which side of the fence you are on and it is amazing how heated a conversation can get....especially when it is a written conversation on Facebook.  It is so much easier to run with what you have assumed people mean because there is no tone of voice, facial expression or physicality to give it context.  It is a difficult subject to discuss without feeling judged.

As outspoken as I am I avoid making statements of judgement of the 'other side of the fence'. I post articles and studies but I never make blanket statements about the article in relation to YOU.  We all make decisions as parents based on what we know and we can always learn more which is where I am coming from as a poster of information.  What you do with it is up to you and none of my business.

Facebook is a wonderful form to express your opinion on a myriad of subjects but I have been endlessly stumped by the pro-vax stance of thinking my view is just stupid and uneducated.  There is never an addition of information to prove their stance, it is just a personal assault on me, my parenting and my opinion.  There are snide comments that my opinions are formed based on the press on Jenny McCarthy....yes, years of study and an IQ that has landed me a Mensa membership but I base my children's health on the 'teachings' of Jenny McCarthy?......that would be like me saying that you choose to vaccinate your kids because of the episode of the Muppet Show when Dr. Bunsen Honeydew chased Beaker around with a huge needle. How would you feel if I HONESTLY felt that that is how seriously you took this choice? That's stupid.  And really why would you want to even be friends with someone that stupid? I don't.

It is a wonderful world that we are allowed to have different opinions and can safely express them. I would love to hear yours and especially why you have that opinion and what made you make the choice you did but if your only opinion is that my opinion is stupid....well that is uneducated and stupid and let's just keep that to yourself

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Kombucha Day 10 Part III


You can clearly see my SCOBY starting to grow

 And please ignore my dirty thumb nail.....I was gardening all day, more on that later.


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You know it is hot when.......
Yes all my coconut oil is liquid

We are having a heat wave.  Yesterday broke the heat record set in the 1950s.  We had the classic southern US weather of hot and steamy all day until it finally broke with a huge thunder storm.   I love this kind of weather.  True hot summer weather with a storm to cool it off for night time sleeping. The one draw back of this weather is it gives me 'space hair'

Luckily I have lots of coconut oil to try to tame the beast

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Why I am popular

Someone asked me recently about my blogging....."how many hits to you get?"

Truth is I have no idea.....I don't pay attention really.  I guess I would be doing this if no one was reading but I do love comments.....and maybe one small day in the future I can make a living doing some writing here but for now my writing will more recognized elsewhere and here will just be for enjoyment and documenting of life.

BUT that being said I went and checked.  She made me wonder and yes this small blog is getting more and more popular but the best part is WHY!!!

So I get quite a bit of traffic from google searches...mostly for obvious searches for me.....'life a study blog' and the likes but there have been some traffic sent my way for unusual searches like

'Diaper poop' not a totally bizarre search
'child girls poopoo training'  ok a little weirder
'family nudity' have I ever talked about family nudity? I mean yeah sure we're (the kids really) naked all the time but I don't write about I?
'terrible cake' ummmmmm this confuses me
'camel toe' Now this one makes total sense!!!  But I am surprised that I get as much action from this search as I do considering that I don't post pictures of myself at all!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The kids call it Op-pa-meal

My mom came and spent a few days with us last week. She lives a 5 hour drive away and tries to stay for a while if she makes the trip.  One of the mornings she was here she let me sleep in.....I mean REALLY sleep in.  I stumbled down the stairs at 11, bleary eyed, hair everywhere and sheet marks on my face.  Coffee was made (I know right!) and the kids were dressed and fed. "Hallelujah" I sang as I poured a cup. "Yippee" I yelled as I skipped to the bathroom, "God save America" I declaired as I jumped......wait that doesn't make sense!

Anyway the point was NICE!

For breakfast Mom made oatmeal. I grew up eating oatmeal. Every morning my mom would bring a bowl into my bedroom and put it on my bedside table. The smell of it, the warm stolen bites while hiding under the covers......ok, I would eat it in bed.  I know it sounds spoiled and ridiculous but I have never been a morning person.  Breakfast on my bedside table was one of the only ways my mom could coax me out of bed.  It made it not a fight. My  mom has always been a 'pick your battles type'. It was always rolled oats with raisins and cinnamon, a pat of butter, brown sugar and milk. And I LOVED it.  Even now it gives me the warm fuzzies of childhood memories when I eat it like that.

I have to add that I still have that bedside table, I use it now. It is a beautiful old washstand. I refinished it a few years ago and had to use a power sander to get the dried petrified oatmeal out of the finish pieces.

We eat a lot of oatmeal around here too(not in bed).  I sometimes serve it like my mom did but more often than not I now make it my own.  That and because we are essentially a sugar free house (I just bought white sugar to make the Kombucha.  We didn't have any sugar in the house) I have had to find other ways to make memorable. I don't just use rolled oats, I love the chewy nutty texture of Scottish oats, if I have the time I love 'steel cut' or Irish oats and have yet to try cooking groats although I did buy some.

Here is one morning....

I put on the water for the amount of oats I wanted to cook.  (The bag will tell you the proportions.) and added a bit of salt.  I put the raisins in now and let them come to a boil with the water.  This makes them plump up again and they get soft and loose the hard chewy texture.  Once boiling stir in the oats and then turn down the heat.  You want to simmer it. Once all the water is absorbed and the oats are thickened and creamy add a teaspoon of cinnamon and stir in.  Turn off the heat.

It should look a bit like this

On this morning we ate our oats with a small pat of coconut oil (one that has a coconutty flavour) a couple of tablespoons of 'nut dirt' (I explain here) and coconut milk.

I am still not totally sold on this coconut milk.  It is rich and creamy like you think milk should be but I find it completely devoid of flavour.  It is just kinda thick and vaguely salty.......stop it! I know what you are thinking and this is a PG rated blog!! SHESH!
We are currently on the hunt for a 'milk' we like.  We do not drink milk in this house but we do use it for cereal etc.  I would use cow's milk if I could get it raw (as far as I know impossible in the city), we have used basmati rice milk but with the arsenic levels as they are I would like to avoid it and almond milk has it's draw backs too although we have no history of nut allergies in our families. If you have any suggestions or a brand you love please let me know. But I digress......

Hey Christopher, this picture is better eh?
And so this was breakfast.  Good for you, delicious, sugar free, healthy fat, tons of fibre, and totally childhood memory friendly....

Friday, 3 June 2011


Did you see the show where they made a family store all their garbage in their garage for A YEAR?!?!  It was a horrible overflowing stinky mess and the family learned about waste.....lesson learned l guess. But even if you are making the choice of the product with less packaging, if your city/town/county/area doesn't have any programs, you are still creating a huge garbage footprint.

I am very fortunate to live in a city with a great garbage/recycling/yard waste/compost program.  WE have three different colour bins, blue, green and black/gray.

Blue is Recycling.  Plastic, cans, bottles/glass and paper go in here.  They have recently started accepting Styrofoam which I love.  (We almost never order food in but about once a month we treat ourselves to great Thai food. I love spicy south Asian food.  I have a pretty good grasp of Indian but have yet to master Thai.  It all comes in plastic and Styrofoam containers and now I can recycle)

Green is the Compost.  All food waste except chewing gum. All foods, cooked or not, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins and tampons, house hold plants including the soil, pet food, animal waste (yes dog poop and cat box), paper towel and tissues, paper flour and sugar bags, meat and cheese paper, ice cream boxes, paper plates are allowed.

Yard Waste is picked up from March through to December.  You fill paper yard waste bags for pick up.

Black/Gray is the garbage.  This is were everything else goes. And hopefully there isn't much left after dividing it up between the other bins.

Our backyard garbage hub

The pick up is once a week.  Every week they pick up the green bin with either garbage and yard waste or recycling.  On average our family of four makes one bag of garbage a week.  This is a small white bag of garbage, not one of the huge black guys.  We also completely overflow the recycling bins and green bins.  I am proud of how little garbage we create but at the same time I am aware that we could be making A LOT less.  Also with our plans to move out of the city where there won't be as many municipal programs I need to start learning some tricks. So I put this to you......What do you do to reduce your families waste??   How much garbage does your family make?

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Kombucha or Kombuchee? Part II

'Mutha' beginnings in a old honey jar
I have now read a couple of 'how to's' and am now attempting to make my own Kombucha.  I mentioned this on Facebook and one friend replied that it is 'Kombuchee'. I did buy 'KombuchA' and am using it to make a 'muthA' from which I will attempt to make my own.  Maybe if I completely screw it up I'll call it 'Kombuchee'

I'll update my progress....or really.....more probably, lack there of...

Wish me luck

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