Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dinner Last Night

The Virgo in me hates dinners that aren't planned ahead.  I like knowing what I am making tonight so I can prepare and in fact, when you are someone who has decided to feed your family only 'real' food you need to be organized like that.  There isn't the option of pulling a frozen pizza out if you are in a pinch.  I don't have a frozen pizza, we don't buy any pre-made foods! Not really anyway....I guess it would be more accurate to say we don't buy any pre-made meals....there are some canned goods we buy.

Yesterday was a ill prepared meal time event.  I had spent the day trying to wear out the kids, including skipping naps so they would have an early bed time.  They were to be watched by Grammy while I went out to a concert with a girlfriend (Daddy is out of town 'camping' for the weekend....and I say 'camping' because this year the 'annual boys camping trip' rented a cabin!!)  I needed to throw dinner together in a flash with what turned out to be a odd assortment of groceries none of which led to a fast dinner ie. whole frozen chickens!

I ended up going through our canned goods and freezer....this is what I ended up throwing together......

In the freezer I found a jar of refried(ish) beans from a batch I made a few months ago,  I am slowly learning Mexican and the beans weren't great but they were good mixed into stuff like burritos, and a package of corn tortillas (gluten free).  I also had a can of organic black beans and one of organic corn, both old enough that I had them front and centre to be used soon.  I also had a jar of organic enchilada sauce (this is one example when I say we buy some prepared foods) and one of green salsa (salsa verde, this is something I would make this myself but tomatillos aren't a big crop in southern Ontario)  So this is what I ended up making

1 package of small corn tortillas (there are about 12 in the package)
1 398 ml can black beans
1 398 ml can sweet corn
1 jar or can of enchilada sauce (they come in various sizes)
2 sweet peppers
2 yellow onions
2 tbsp. chilli powder
Mozzarella or monetary jack cheese, again quantities are up to you and how much cheese your family consumes.  We love cheese and it is one of the few dairy products we eat so I am pretty liberal with our cheese consumption
Re-fried beans, not a must but it does up the protein intake

I sauteed (in unflavoured coconut oil) two sliced sweet peppers and two sliced yellow onions until they were soft then added the drained and rinsed black beans and corn.  I stirred that a couple of times and added the two tbsps of chilli powder and stirred until fully combined.

In a lasagna dish I coated the bottom in enchilada sauce and layered tortillas on the bottom.  The rest is like layering a lasagna, next I spread a layer of refried beans, a sprinkle of cheese,  and some sauce, then another layer of tortillas topped with the sauteed veg. A layer of tortillas this time smothered in sauce and a coating of cheese.  Bake the whole thing at 350 for 20 minutes until it is bubbling and the cheese is melted.

We eat ours with yogurt, instead of sour cream, green salsa, and pickled jalapenos (I bought some homemade ones at a farmers market)


and yes Christopher I know I'm not a food photographer...


Anonymous said...

I ate it and ate it and it was assuredly NUM. Says Grammy.

Christopher said...

Oh dear. You're right! Say no, no, no to the Hipsta for food pics Emilinky. The only film/lens combos that kinda work are Ina's 69/Buckhurst H1, and Ina's 69/John S.

But scrumptious sounding dinner!