Friday, 22 April 2011

Cutting the Burrs out

We have been a away for a few days.  Its been nice to take a break and much as you can with two kids.  Trips to my parents house are always kinda chaotic but we do have an opportunity to take turns being point guard with the kids and let someone sleep in.  My stepfather never sleeps in and is always up before the kids in the morning, a proper farm boy. I kinda wish I was more like that, I love the morning, the pale warm sky and how long the days are if you are actually awake for the full daylight hours of them.  There have been a few different instances that I have been up before the kids in the last few years, usually because I had somewhere I had to go and they were staying home with Daddy but a few occasions that I was just up.....I sit drinking coffee alone...have some quiet time before life begins. I love it but maybe not enough to set my alarm to do it every day........

Today's woodsy event was cutting the burrs out of our dogs fur.  They were mostly stuck around her mouth.....I guess because she had struggled to bit them out of other spots and they would get transferred to her face.  There must have been at least 10 of them.  I felt bad for her and she seemed happy to let me cut at her fur once she realized that I was trying to help.  I know she was more comfortable after.  It made me think.....and without being to deep...about how symbolic it all the struggles in life seem to impede out ability to speak and how often we are so busy chewing at some old wound that we stop speaking altogether.

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