Friday, 27 May 2011

43 Momths

Dear Monkeys,

Again I fail at getting this done on time but you're too young to know any better so you will just to forgive me.  I know my time for that excuse is wearing thin and soon you will be taller than me and rolling your eyes if I let you down.

There was a firetruck at the school fundraiser

This was the month when our schedule starts to fill up with crazy summer social engagements and we have tons of fun but also start getting worn out.  You guys are at a great age for this.  You love all the social and love parties and BBQs. Your silliness just keeps getting sillier and the fun gets funner....yes I know that's not a is nice to drag you out and show you off in your 'full cuteness'

The push for independence is in full force now.  Not only do we hear a lot of 'no's but many "I do it alllll byyyy myself" and "I do it".  But there are also so many other funny things in the mix too.


Bea you are a very serious artist
How fickle 3 year old love is:Bea while hugging and kissing Gertie this morning -"oh Gerdie, I love my Doggy, your my best friend Gerdie, my BEST friend!" Gertie yawns "oh Gerdie you a bitabit tired?" Bea gets a whiff of her breath "You tired GerDIE EWWWWW, YOU STANKY GERDIE, YOU STANKY YUCK!, go away Gerdie go away!"  

Bea you ran past yelling "Princess Bedo and "Princess Gabe are chasing Princess Kitty"  I knew one of you was going to get royally scratched
Bea every time you pet animals you tell me to 'gentle it' and 'soft it'.  I am sure this is because I have always told you two to be gentle and soft when touching pets.

Gabe you were so brave at the fair, going head first down the slides
Gabe, this morning while looking at one of your books you showed me a picture and said "Look mummy the Boom truck is booming and the Fork lift is forkeling" 

"Hey Gabe"
"Why are you so cute?" 
"Cause I love Daddy"

While cuddling and sharing some snacks, you tenderly put your hand on my face, looked deeply into my eyes and said "I love Daddy" 

I had to ask you 6 times during breakfast today to stop playing with your dinky but I know that will get better, I only had to ask Daddy twice.

On morning you desperately wanted to get dressed by yourself.  You did a good job but I notice you kept picking at your bum all morning.  I pulled down your pants to find that you had put both your legs through the same leg whole on your underwear.  That blue circle is the ring that goes around your other leg.

This week one morning while I was trying to drag my butt out of bed you guys were too quiet so I came rushing downstairs to find you standing on chairs pushed up to the kitchen counter pigging out on the cookies I made the night before. 

On Mother's Day I woke up to this

This has been a special month for me.  I always thought that writing this every month for you two would be my biggest audience. But it seems that there might be more for me in this writing thing.  This month I had a column published in a Mama website/blog! As you can see, it is all about you guys! Maybe that's all I ever needed, great subject matter.

And it was a special month because I had you guys around to celebrate with
Going after the dog with Daddy at the park

As always and forever
I love you guys

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