Wednesday, 27 April 2011

42 Momths - 3 and a half

Dear Bea and Gabe

Three and a half eh?  How did that happen?  I look back at all the baby pictures of you guys I have, my little new born Capons, then my chubby little roasters, then full size turkeys and NOW....well now you're....well you're not poultry at're like little people.  I find that all so strange.....not the poultry part...the big part!

With every month that passes your funny little personalities come out more.

Bea the Archeologist
Bea, you are forever the joker, the comedienne, the show off, the 'look at me Mummy', the artist, ballsy, smart, stubborn (but easier to negotiate with) fun, tricycle riding, likes to watch tv more than your brother, aggressive, cuddly, silliness.

Your communication skills are more complex than Gabe's and physically you have more control. You love making new friends at the park and will often tell me about 'that lady' or 'that guy'.  When you do make friends I don't really have to worry about you getting bullied on picked on.  You are great at standing your own.
Bea talking to the baby squirrel in the backyard

You are a fan of animals and art supplies.  You have also become quite the singer.  You love to sing and can sing along with any theme song of the shows you watch and sometimes treat us to a dance.  I sometimes catch you singing while you play.  One day I heard you singing "You got the sunshine in your hand" over and over.  It took me a little while to clue in and then I realized it is one of the lyrics from the song I sing to you guys for bed time. You love it when I put on music and we all dance.

I asked who this was, Bea said "I dunno but he has a big head"

You have been asking over and over this month to go to 'the circus', 'go to the zoo', 'go to the farm', 'ride a pony'. It is this strange never ending loop.  If it hadn't rained so much this month we could have done a couple of these things.  I am hoping to make a couple of your dreams come true this summer.

The Driveway and Mini cat

You are not a girly girl and aren't a fan of dresses.  You want to get dirty and roll around in the grass. You have bruised knees, are usually covered in sidewalk chalk and have loads of energy but you are also the first one to fall asleep if you guys have missed your naps. 

This year I tried to keep Easter treats down to a dull roar and your baskets at home were full of banana chips, yogurt raisins and granola bars.  There was an egg hunt over at aunt Betty and uncle Barrie's, plastic eggs full of chocolate and jelly beans.  While all the other kids searched for eggs, Bea you found a few, sat down and preceded to eat.  Not just the contents of your own eggs but of ALL the other eggs found.  You had a terrible "tummy achet" that night.  I wonder if it was all the candy or if it was because you were given a glass of milk with dinner.  Your first glass of cows milk EVER.

You needed to refill your water jug to water your plant."Mummy not just a little water but piles of water please"

This month you found a penny on the floor and showed it to me. "What's the rules on pennies Bea, do you remember?" "Yes, you don't put pennies in your bum".............."well yes I guess that could be another rule.  Do you remember choking at all?

Your morning Easter find

Gabe in his third favourite shirt.
Gabe - you are a car, truck, plane, tractor, train fanatic!!   SO much so that you will become distracted.  We can call you and call you but there you are laying on the floor with your vehicles.  You sleep with your favourite books and want to read the same ones over and over (ugg) You love to eat and can equally focus on food, like a spicy tuna roll one night (weirdo!), staring out the window. You know your alphabet in uppercase and lower, can count to 40 and from 10 down to a blastoff.  You can also dial the phone for me and love to do it.  And I love it too because I love any reason to be lazier and really dialing the phone is exhausting.

You never put your shoes on the right feet, are into 'smash crash' right now, love your 'D2' (R2D2) and your dinosaur shirts.

One of the major changes this month as been your sudden interest in using the POTTY!!  After years of cloth diapers, months of trying/conning/sticker charts/begging/treats/crying (me), and more than a year of Bea being potty trained, it took being denied entrance into the Ikea ball room!!!.  I think I actually saw the moment your heart broke as Bea waltzed past you to go in......What's that movie?  This is totally off topic but what is that movie when they stop action on the moment when someones heart got broken? Now it's going to drive me crazy......anyway when we got home we talked to you about how kids use the potty etc etc and I swear the next day you peed in the potty and there have been no looking back. Could it be that you were physically ready all this time but just didn't have the motivation??  That's infuriating and I congratulate you on your cunning.

Gabe you win this month for saying the funniest stuff: 

Playing with the cars and trucks at the grocery store
You told me we need to get a baby and that we should name it "chocolate"
You are scared of getting burned, so today while playing with his cars you told me "No it's not a Hot Wheels Mummy, it's just warm" 

This morning while waking up you told me that you were "thosty". I told you to go downstairs, Daddy was making Babas (their sippy cups) "OH" you said "Dat sounds dewishous" and ran off
One morning you woke me up by running into my room yelling "Wake up Mummy, wake up, Santa Clause will be here in 10 seconds"

"Gabe! There is no climbing on the diningroom table"
"But I'm a cat"
"Gabe you are not a cat, get down please"
"Yes I am a cat"
"oh yeah.....can you lick your bum like a cat? If you can lick your bum like a cat, you can climb on the table" 
I then watched you roll around on the floor meowing and trying to lick your bum....(I LOVE this mom thing!)

You peed in a urinal for the first time while out with Daddy. When you got home Daddy said "Gabe tell Mummy where you peed" You turned to me "I peed into the fridge"

You have decided to correct the lyrics to bedtime songs I sing to you even if it is the first time you're hearing it.

Gabe you are regularly telling people when you see them that you "missed them"

I can't tell you guys enough how fun you are.  I would like to take credit for some of these wacky fun personalities but I am so astounded by them that they can't possible come from me!

Love you more all the time

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